Sony Explain Why The PS3 Slim Has No Backwards Compatibility

Somewhere between the time Sony removed backwards compatibility from the previous PS3, and we knew there'd be a new PS3, people got to hoping that the feature would be brought back in the PS3 Slim. It hasn't.

Put a PS2 disc into the PS3 Slim and it won't play. Which for some will mean nothing, but for others, will mean a great deal. If that's you, and you're after an explanation, SCEA's director of marketing John Koller has one.

"Now that we're at a point where we're three years into the lifecycle of the PS3", he told us earlier today, "there are so many PS3 disc-based games that are available that we think — and noticed this from our research — that most consumers that are purchasing the PS3 cite PS3 games as a primary [reason] ".

"And it's not just like 50 or 60 percent. It's well into the 80 or 90 percentile range who are purchasing it for PS3 [games] . We do know that there are next gen consumers wanting to come over the the PS3. Most of those are consumers who have not utilized their PS2 for a little while and they're ready to jump into the PlayStation 3."

Shame. A predictable shame, but a shame nonetheless.




    so the real message here is to hold onto that PS2 for one would think that its value will only increase...

    Isn't their research self-fulfilling since only the first gen PS3's were backwards compatible, and that buying the second gen PS3 to play PS2 games would be extremely optimistic to say the least.

      hahaha Exactly what I was thinking. Who on Earth would buy a PS3 to play PS2 games when the PS3 isn't backwards compatible haha

      Also who on Earth would buy a PS3 for the sole reason of playing PS2 games. The point is I have a PS3 (aka Doorstop as my 360 gets all the attention) and I would love to buy some PS2 games that I never got a chance to play. Stupid response Sony.

        Well, the reason why some people would use a ps3 to play ps2 games is that we can use it to replace our ps2 instead of having both just taking up space. especailly when you would only buy 2 or 3 ps3 games!!!!

    Thats been said before but your right, its a shame - of course comsumers buying a PS3 would use it mainly for PS3 games - i dont think you would need research of that = dumb! It would be nice for sony to show some thanks to there PS2 customers and would be a GREAT selling/advertising point to customers. well there always hope in software in the future, haha who am i kinding - i still loveya sony

    What a load of BS. Of course 80 or 90 percent of people would cite playing PS3 games as a "primary reason" for buying a PS3. It's a bit pointless to buy a PS3 SOLELY to play PS2 games, right? That doesn't mean the option to play PS2 games on a next-gen console wouldn't be welcome, though.

    So let me get this straight, none of the new PS3 models have PS2 compatibility but ALL of them have PS1 compatibility? Who the hell plays PS1 games anymore, we stopped playing PS1 games back in the mid-cycle of life of the PS2.

    Bottom line.

    PS2 games - still being made, still need to be supported.

    PS1 games - hard to find in good condition to start with, everybody stopped playing them years ago, and shouldn't be supported over PS2 games.

    Hell, even the 360 supports most of the popular Xbox games. And when the 360 came out, the original Xbox literally DIED. No games were made from that point on. The original Xbox is used as a doorstop at the Play n Trade for God's sake. But MS is good enough to offer at least a decent amount of Xbox games to enjoy on the 360.

    MS wins again and I'm glad I bought a 360.

    Is it just me, or is that incredibly redundant logic? Of course people are buying a PS3 for PS3 games, if they ONLY wanted PS2 games they'd just buy a damned PS2!

    Did their "research" think to maybe ask these people buying a PS3 if they'd ALSO like to still play their PS2 games from time to time? Maybe without having to have a whole seperate console set-up?

    Clearly on Sony's marketing team is on the ball...

    "that most consumers that are purchasing the PS3 cite PS3 games as a primary [reason]"

    And this proves what exactly?
    It would be an awesome survey that asked:

    Which feature that the ps3 doesn't actually support are you buying this console for?

    1 backwards compatibility
    2 space travel
    3 teleportation
    4 the ability to make you smarter

    oh, hang on, maybe it was a survey 3 months after launch when there WERE no games on the console. That at least would make sense...

    My ps3 has backwards compatability, in fact, I bought my ps3 becuase I bought psychonauts and then my ps2 died so I couldn't play it.

    I've had my ps3 over close to 3 years now and in that time the ps2 games I've played on it are as follows: Psychonauts, God of War 2. Thats it. And that was within the first 6 months of having the ps3 because of the dry spell the ps3 had with games at the start.

    Sure its a great option to play ps2 games but its just something that there isn't a massive demand for.

    It seems people want the ability to play ps2 games more than actually playing ps2 games...

      Actually, when I was trying to decide whether to buy a 360 or a PS3, the fact that the PS3 wasn't backwards compatible was a large part of the reason I decided to go with the 360 instead. I didn't own a PS2, and there are a lot of games I never got to play that I would have liked the chance to if I'd had the option on a next-gen console. And yet I didn't want to buy a PS2 AND a PS3 when the idea was to pick up a next-gen console. Backwards compatability was less an issue with the 360, since there was nothing on the original Xbox I really cared to play. So in the long run, Sony's decision to kill backwards-compatability cost them one sale, at least.

    Most people who are interested in video games already have a PS2 - the market penetration for the product is enormous.

    Research that uncovers that people want something new (and different) to justify spending money is hardly surprising. Especially in the $500+ price bracket.

    If the people who claim to want to play PS2 games actually don't have a system, then maybe they should just buy a new PS2.

    It's not like were talking about an Xbox or Gamecube - products that were unceremoniously dumped by retailers years ago.

    Nice one Sony....way to not support your products.
    Just found out that my backwards compatible PS2 fighting games don't work with my PS3 Mad Catz Tournament stick...WTF Sony??

    They're not going to make it backwards compatible for discs cuz when they introduce their PS2 digital downloads (and they will), they would be missing out on some people's hard earned.

    I don't know about u, but if they made available Resi 4, the God of Wars, the GTAs, I would buy them regardless of the fact that I own them on disc.


    Cuz I don't want to plug my PS2 in, or play with a tethered controller.. If my PS3 were backwards compatible however, I probably wouldn't buy them again, cuz I could just pop the disc in. No backwards compatibility for PS3 = more $$ for Sony.

      Chaz123 is exactly right! Sony have an obligation to their shareholders to make money and Sony do not make a dime out of preowned game sales, so why give consumers the ability to so for "free" (i.e. built in with the console) when they can make money out of it.

      A few months back Kotaku posted this link ( which, as the post says, Sony they wouldn't give consumers the ability to use existing discs when they could pay to download "PS3 compatible" digital copies.

      From a business perspective it's smart, people will pay for games they fondly remember (in effect paying for them twice if they already own a copy) so they can play them from the same console and they might look slightly better on a HD TV. Probably a happy medium would be Sony releasing a backwards compatibility download on PSN which users who were interested in could pay for the privilege but I doubt that would happen. Why make consumers pay once when they could be made to pay over and over again.

      In the meantime, XBox 360 owners are playing XBox games and downloading full games/movies whilst PS3 owners are being let down (again). Poor form Sony.

        "From a business perspective it’s smart, people will pay for games they fondly remember (in effect paying for them twice if they already own a copy)"

        Nope, its dumb. Sole reason I won't pay again, I own the game and while nostalgia may play a part in me wanting to play a game. I ain't paying for it again. It was hard earned the 1st time

        "so they can play them from the same console and they might look slightly better on a HD TV. Probably a happy medium would be Sony releasing a backwards compatibility download on PSN which users who were interested in could pay for the privilege but I doubt that would happen. Why make consumers pay once when they could be made to pay over and over again."

        Cause I am not going to pay over and over again. and now it seems I won't be paying Sony any money as the unfortunate news the PS3 Slim doesn't have backwards compatibility. Well...they continue to lose out on my $$

        'Gamers' might not want/care about backwards compatibility, but I'd say 'Gamers' have their PS3 console already. A Rerelease/the new price point is attractive to a large group of us that would like to have a PS3 and its feature set but are not hard core, spend gobs of time, Gamers.

        I almost pulled the trigger way back in the early days when the unit had backwards compatibility. Didn't as I couldn't justify the purchase. Blu-ray hadn't won out yet and that was a large chunk of hard earned $$. But salivated over the future prospect that I would some day own one.

        I will NEVER get tech companies that take/remove features from a new generation of an exisitng product. Want to release a new product that doesn't have the feature of an exisiting product that's your mistake. But to release a new ver of an existing product and take features away. Dumb.

        If Sony would like to do research, the simple question should be:
        "Does the announcement of the PS3 slim and its new lower price point compel you to buy one?"
        A: Yes! where do I preorder
        B: I will seriously consider the idea
        C: I will finally buy one, it does play my PS2 games, right?
        D: No

        Backwards compatibility was a huge plus for working families when the kids wanted the New PS2 (which was expensive) But that it played all their PS1 games that equaled hard earned $ was a little easier to swallow.
        That was Smart....from a business perspective.
        Why that's lost on Sony this go around makes no sense.
        And I really wanted one...

    This is just becoming such a crock of shit, Sony brought the first backwards compatible into the market, but that didnt mean they had to KEEP doing it.

    I mean geez, no other company has even attempted it, sony did it at the start of the life cycle, those who wanted backwards compatibility so much, should've bought a launch console. Who knows, perhaps sony wouldnt have saw fit to SAVE money if sales were better in the early life of the console.

    It's tough love, you either track down a launch ps3, or here's a thought, just get a ps2, especially if u dont even see urself playing ps3 games.

    Well their market research is aload of asshat is what it is.

    Yes offcourse 90% want it for PS3 games. The other 10% want a bluray player. That question doesnt even address those who want PS2 compatability.

    Its also been a major gripe with me, and I think i will end up buying a 360 at this rate. Its great the slim is going to finally make it cost less, but from what ive seen they have made it looking quite cheap. Cheap black matted plastic and buttons, No compatability, Lacking Library (imo), probably still going to cost more then the 360Elite(now pro). Bleh

    It's pretty simple, once you get past the Sony spin:

    If there is backward compatibility, Sony makes no money.

    However, Sony can make a LOT of money by selling PS2 games through PSN.

    I don't see the point of backward compatability. I have played 1 PS2 game since getting my PS3 when they first came out and it looked like rubbish. No matter of upscaling is going to improve it. why would you put cheap oil into your Ferrari's engine?

    Fucking bullshit, Sony. NO DEAL!!!!

    That's not an excuse at all that was just a piece of dribble to tie you over.
    Really, really poor!

    "We do know that there are next gen consumers wanting to come over the the PS3. Most of those are consumers who have not utilized their PS2 for a little while and they’re ready to jump into the PlayStation 3.” (Are you kidding?!)

    Not on my watch.
    Not until I see the Emotion engine BACK in the system.

    My brothers and sisters. Pray Sony hears our cries.

    I feel your pain. I, too, have longed for the day I could play my beloved PS2 titles on my PS3. I have deliberately kept copies of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

    Since the days when Ken promised, promised us backwards compatibility I have held out hope. But alas, this news strikes a heavy blow.

    Knowing that I will now be unable to play these great masterpieces on a PS3 saddens me deeply. With such franchises as Metal Gear Solid, Tekken and Final Fantasy going multiplatform, I fear I will now have even less use for my already dusty PS3.

    Sony, you accept our money for titles that debuted on the PSOne. But think that the PS2, the system that rocketed you to the forefront of the console market, is not a viable option.

    Home, Life With PlayStation and Folding At Home hardly comfort me as I deal with the great loss of never seeing my trusty horse, Agro, ever again.

    I miss Raiden, Naked Snake, Tidus, Yuna, Classic Ratchet and Classic Clank among many others.

    Sony, we were loyal. I was loyal. I was loving. But the people I used to resist wooed me with more... And now they offer me Facebook, Twitter, Last FM and a 1080p Movie Download service.

    I cannot resist any longer. I feel it would be foolish. You, Sony, have failed me.

    You, Sony, have failed us.

    I was waiting for the slim, hoping that I could still play all my fav. ps2 games in addition to ps3 ones.


    I'm getting a 360 elite tomorrow.

    Well they did patent that idea for full emotion engine emulation on a cell processor. It may just work its way back into the the PS3 at a later date in a firmware release.

    This whole backwards compatibility thing REALLY pisses me off. Every possible new consumer and every sony fanboy could appriciate and should very well demand this "feature" as STANDARD on all machines! I still won't buy this anarsexic PS3 machine, even with this artificial price drop, untill backwards compatibility is implimented in any way. If Sony built the ps2 why the hell can't it emulate it's own product? BS... It's ridiculas and a screwed up bussiness model. Sony;s research team should read a internet bullitin board on what consumers want!

    That was the most bullshit, nonsensical, thoughtless response to a straight question I've ever read.

    Hats of to Sony. I think they win this years award for "Worst marketing spin".

    Microsoft were in the lead there for a while with the whole "Games on demand pricing is competitive", but I think Sony caught up with that one.

    I am a little bit confused by everyone's outrage over the PS3 not being backwards compatible. In Australia at least the original PS3 was $1000 and could play some PS2 games. The next release was $700, $300 cheaper and played no PS2 games. If it was really that important to play PS2 games you could just take that $300 you saved and buy a PS2, and still have change left over.

    The only down side to this is the fact that you have a second console. If this is too much of a problem you obviously don't really want to play your PS2 games.

    As for everyone getting up in arms about the Sony research showing that people are buying PS3's for PS3 games, did you even consider that early in its life the PS3 was used as a Blu-ray player rather than a games console. The entire comment seems like it has been taken out of context.

    I know most people have already made up their minds about this, and I doubt I am going to change anyone's opinion. But maybe I can get some of you to step back and think for a moment before spewing nonsense.

      its important because it was a promise of value when they brought out the ps3. after ripping out the emotion engine they still had software emulation which frankly costs nothing. but even thats removed now. its sony showing that they will go back on their word out of naked greed. its a blatant move to drive sales of ps2's.

      it is sad that they know they can get away with it, gamers don't seem to be a smart lot as a whole.

    they may release a emulator with a new patch that allows u to play ps2 games

    so take a deep breath and relax ..... geez

    Whats the big deal? i bought a ps3 60gb as a ps3 1st and ps2 2nd. ive got 3 ps2 games, that i havent played since i bought my ps3, and 22 ps3 games. seriously, once you buy a ps3 you stop caring about the ps2 completely.

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