Sony: Market-Boosting Slim PS3 Will Phase Out Old Models

With three key changes to its guts, the new PlayStation 3 is more cost-efficient and poised to boost Sony's market share, Sony told Kotaku today. Oh, and the slim has no rear power button.

Sony is hoping that the the newly-announced slim PlayStation 3, launching in the U.S. on September 1 for $US299, will be "a game-changing" moment for PlayStation, John Koller, Sony Computer Entertainment of America director of hardware marketing, told Kotaku today. "We think it's the sign of a substantial market increase in the sales base of PlayStation 3."

Going farewell are the bulkier PS3s. Which have carried Sony so far only into third place of the three-way console race this generation. Those heftier PS3s aren't being manufactured any more, Koller said. Sony expects the 80GB PS3 to be out of the sales channel in September. The 160GB supply may last a little longer, Koller said.

Koller identified three key tech changes in the new slim: the system's Cell processor has decreased from 65 nanometers to 45. A new cooling system is in place. And there's a new power draw. The result is something that Koller said is more cost-efficient for Sony to produce. He would not say whether Sony is making money or losing money selling the new unit. Often, console manufacturers lose money on gaming hardware, with the intent of recouping revenue through software sales.

The Slim has no on-off switch on the back, using only the standby functionality on the front of the unit.

The launch units will not include Sony's 3.0 firmware, though that will be added to later units.

Koller said that Sony is not considering adding backwards compatibility support to the PS3, a feature stripped from the line a while ago but sometimes requested by some fans. "Backwards compatibility is off the table," he said.


    Well Koller can go F*** himself with his no BC. I'll have my launch console repaired rather than buy this slim unit.

    Is backwards compatibility really that important anymore?

    A $200 price drop would mean you could now buy a PS2 AND PS3 and still be better off then the current $700 price tag.

      Yeah, it's important to me because the only good playstation games are playstation 2 games, but I'd like to have a crack at little big planet as well.

        Your friends must call you "fanboy" am I right? No good games? Get a grip, did you fall asleep at PS3 launch and just wake up now did you? PS3's got the BEST exclusives out there and thats not even a question; its a fact.

    I've always been puzzled by the on/off switch. Never knew its importance really.

    No B/C is just an epic fail for Sony. Its clearly what A LOT of people want. Answer they're prayers you tossers.

      Sony reps have mentioned that 80-90% of PS3 owners want the PS3 for PS3 games. Which means those "lots of people" are the minority 10%?

      Saves on "vampire energy". Running TVs and consoles in standby power still costs money. I always turn mine off at the back. I would have thought in these sustainability concious times technology leaders would be taking these things into consideration. I guess the Global economic climate has pushed environment issues to the back seat.
      Maybe it helps them get the unit slimmer, or they're super conserned over saving 50 cents per unit.

        I felt really the same reading this news. I'll pass on this one.

      The on/off switch is absolutely must to prevent my 1 yr old from switching on and ejecting my games from the console. Too often I come home screaming in terror to find my discs under the chair with goo all over it.

    this is great news,i was going to get a ps3 at jb hi fi but they told me about 2 weeks ago that there was none in stock and they wouldent be getting any shipments till start of september,i guess the slim was what they were waiting for,now with a saving of $200 i can get a few new games too,and it keeps getting better with the $900 goverment rebate which i havent spent i can get everything without actualy paying for it...well i am from my taxes but it doesent matter, lets not spoil the party

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