Sony Offers "Behind The Scenes" Look At PS3 Motion Controller

The still un-sexily named PlayStation 3 motion controller may have a feature or two you don't yet know about. Thankfully, the PlayStation blog and creator of things neat Dr. Richard Marks are here to inform you.

The PlayStation folks offer an insightful look at the research and development of the PS3's motion control offering, the one that's tied to the PlayStation Eye video camera and does very cool things. Somewhat surprisingly, the R in the R&D of the device goes far beyond watching a video of the Wii Remote in action and someone taking notes. I swear!

Marks and company talk about some of the controller's technical specs, which include an analogue stick built in and some of that nifty force feedback. Not good enough for the SIXAXIS, but good enough for the sequel.

All kidding aside, this is a must see for any PS3 owner who wants to see what's coming down the pike in terms of control options for the PlayStation 3. Watch it!

EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes with SCEA Research & Development (Part 1) []


    What i think is good, is that they're building this technology off an accessory already released. The camera was released over 12 months ago and although not everyone has one, it's not an inconvenience for those who do.

    I think thats a good thing, but also strange. I mean from some demos, the accuracy of it is amazing. Imagine if they built a camera like MS did with Natal and yeah!

    Even though I really like the idea of project natal of no controller a lot. For gaming wise, I think the wand will be more successful (than natal), provided there is no flying wand issue (like flying wiimote)

    Looks really exciting

    My local harvey norman currently has the ps3 eye on sale for $25, might have to pick one up and be ready :)

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