Sony: Only One PS3 Wand Controller Necessary

At E3, Sony demoed its new wand controller. Actually, Sony demoed two of them. That doesn't mean you'll necessarily have to buy two of them, though.

"The ultimate goal or wish for us is if you have two controllers," says Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida, "like we demoed at E3, we can do something really amazing."

That's the ultimate goal — the short term goal is "making the entry barrier as low as possible". Yoshida continues, "But because of cost-of-goods and, you know, people have to have the PlayStation Eye camera as well, we are approaching the launch by making sure that all games that we create can be played with one controller and the camera."

Sony plans to introduce options if players have more than one controller, and gameplay will be "enhanced" for those who purchase.

But by not making two controllers a requirement out of the gate, Sony could be signaling to third party developers that supporting two controllers isn't a requirement either.

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Interview [Eurogamer][Pic]


    Okay they are going about this the WRONG way!

    This is going to be a failure i say!

    If they have any brainds, it will be for sale as a bundle. Camera, 2 controllers.

    If people have to buy the camera then buy the controller it's just gonna waste everyones money and people are gonna be PEEEVED!!

    Obviously Sony don't wanna be all like, we are using a different camera that you now need to buy if you've already got the current PS3 Camera.

    MS are doing this, but its not like there Vision Camera is that good and Natal doesnt require controllers. But yeah, this decision if they go ahead with, is just wrong.

    Great news from Sony all round. The PS3 Slim is generating huge sales and now I have yet another use for my PlayStation Eye, besides taking pictures/video and voice chat! Absolutely don't regret having bought my PlayStation Eye early now! BTW, Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain are gonna kick some @$$!

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