Sony Ramping Up PS3 Production For... Something

According to Taiwan's DigiTimes, Sony have recently "placed significant orders for key Sony PS3 components" from local manufacturers, waaaaay above the quantities they normally source. Interesting.

They say it's enough parts to produce one million PS3 consoles in the third quarter of 2009, which is apparently twice as many as were manufactured last quarter.

DigiTimes' sources then specifically mention that alongside those "key components", shipments of time division synchronisers, also used by Sony in the PS3, are waaaayyy up as well.

What does this all mean? Well, either Sony are expecting a significant increase in demand for the currently not-that-in-demand PS3, or... well, they're building an all-new PS3.

I know which of those two scenarios I think is more likely.

Sony PS3 components demand growing significantly [DigiTimes (subscription required)]


    Sigh - One of the worst kept secrets of the gaming industry, the rumor mill has exploded recently with so much talking about different factors that are leading to the conclusion of a PS3 slim.

    I just wish Sony would announce it, Sony can have there 15 minutes in the spotlight and then no one cares about it again until launch.

    if Sony are serious about knocking Microsoft out of second place they'll have to slice more than $100 off retail.

    Price parity would be a probable deathblow to Xbox360 marketshare growth, assuming Microsoft do nothing in response.

    Even then, it's going to take at least 12 months of dominant sales for the userbase to grow to numbers that will turn developers heads enough for them to put in the extra effort to master PS3 architecture quirks/faults.

    time for sony to show the industry how it's done, again!!! well, apart from nintendo who dished out a low blow when aiming for "casual/old/non gamers.
    i really dont think sony are trying to keep these projects under wraps. if they wanted them to remain a secret, believe me, they would be a secret. IMO sony are letting small details out about their new styled consoles to build a little hype. just like with the pspgo. you think qore got released by accident? i dont think so. it was made to look like that. but, really it was a part of their marketing strategy. hopefully sony have gutted this thing like a fish so that they can sell it really cheap and get these lazy ps2 owners to finally upgrade their damn consoles!!! i'd like to see 2 sku's from them... 1 with everything that we now have but, at a cheaper price point, and a 2nd without the wifi and maybe a 10 or 20gig hdd at say $100 less than the full model. maybe even bring back the original sixaxis? i think what ms have done by breaking up their consoles isnt such a bad idea. although i think the elite should have had built in wifi or at least the attachment supplied. i mean come on. even the damn wii has built in wifi!!

    Sony slashing their prices will help there sales.
    I don't know if it will help their profit from each system sold. Are they even making a profit now with the price?

    I know MS were losing on each sold at launch. Then after a year they were gaining. As far as i know, i think they're just gaining since the price cut last year and the intro of the Arcade & Pro.

    If Sony slashed & MS retaliated, then that would be a SONY tactic to earn sales but also make MS lose money. No way would MS earn from another price cut.

    I think we'll see a PS3 slim, $100+ cheaper bundled with GT5. With Yamauchi saying they're ready to launch at any time I think they're now just waiting on Sony.

    It could almost be treated like new console launch, and if this is the case they could easily get in front of the 360 early next year.

      "could easily get in front of the 360 early next year."

      Easily? Really? Heh!

      Sony really need this price cut but they've got their work cut out for them. Killzone 2 and LBP didn't sell consoles, so pricing is going to have to do it. I don't think the bundled game is important as long as Sony are able to get consoles in to living rooms.

        I'm not sure how you can compare Killzone 2 and LBP with the GT series which has sold more that 50 million units.

        I agree that generally a bundled game makes little to no difference - but when that game is GT5, a game that many people will be waiting for before buying a PS3, then that with a price cut will shift consoles faster than anything they have experienced this generation.

    I'm pretty sure the end of GFC has something to do with it.

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