Sony Talk PlayStation Lifetime Sales, PSN Revenue

During their big press conference earlier today at Gamescom, Sony took the time to reveal some facts, figures and numbers for both the PlayStation family of consoles as well as the PlayStation Network.

Disclosed were the lifetime sales figures for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Those numbers (and these are worldwide figures) are:

PS2: 138 million PSP: 52.9 million PS3: 23.7 million

As for the PlayStation Network, it was announced that it has generated $US280 million in revenue since launching, and that Home has now been downloaded by 7.5 million users.


    I'm predicting the PS3 may never catch up to the PS2, maybe close. However what it is doing to the gaming world is truly remarkable, go back ten years ago and it would be almost impossible to imagine a unit that caters for all your entertainment needs in a box.

      Yeah it's called the PC.

    Yeah i don't think the Wii will beat the PS2.

    No way. It could do 100 million and maybe beat it in fastest to 100 million, but i don't think it could do nearly 140 million.

    The PSP really isn't a fail people make it out to be. Just cause the DS is doing so well, doesn't mean the PSP is a failure. I mean over 50 million is excellent. For its price and all and the fact that its hard to take over Nintendo in handheld, especially in Japan, its done if not better! I'd like to see a Nintendo console/device that is expensive and not cheap do so well.

    Maybe the sales of the PS3 might jump a little if the 138 million people with a PS2 could play their games on the PS3.
    I was going to buy one but once they took backwards comp out i havnt on principal. Even the price lowered slim is not a draw because it has no b/c and the price is where it should be (maybe even lower) after all this time. I Still have my original ps2 which i got for $700 on release and it still goes strong, I would just have liked to retire it so I only had one sony in my shelves.
    Their loss, I have over 30 PS2 Games and twice that on XBOX 360. I would have had heaps of ps3 games by now had they thought this all through better.....

      I thought that removing backwards compatability was going to be horrible as well but i still bought one. 6 months later i sold my ps2, because i hardly used it anymore. There are so many good exclusives on PS3 that the only game i was playing on ps2 was final fantasy 10, so i just didnt need it anymore. it doesnt bother me at all that there isnt backwards compatability

      But if you already have a PS2 why would you need the backwards compatibility? You are already putting up with having 2 different consoles, why not make it a nice round 3?


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