Sony's Motion Controller Will Be Out Spring 2010

Sony's motion controller has neither a name nor a finalised form. Which means, yeah, it's still a work in progress. And that means it won't be out until, oh, spring 2010.

PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai has told The Times "we are slating it for spring of next year". "It" being the motion controller. "One of the things is that we just don't want to put out the controller," he says. "We need a great software that supports the controller at launch. It's something that we've been working on for the longest time."

Wonder if he means one or two pieces of genuine software, or an EyeToy-like pack-in of party games?

Sony boss reveals plans for PlayStation [The Times]


    I love playing my PS3, but unless this new motion controller and game are uber-fantastic i ain't buying it.

    Spring northern hemisphere? Or Autumn?

    International manufacturers and developers should know better than to use location-specific dates.

    Agreed. Is it that hard to say "late 2010"? Or Q2? Or "before Christmas"? Or "mid". Saying spring/autumn, etc, is annoying.

    Why is there a picture of an ice-cream cone =\

      HAHA clearly you don't get the joke.
      The controllers SONY are using to demo the software, actually look like Ice Cream cones.

      Or a colourful microphone.

      Heck it ain't that hard to work out when US Spring is in Australia. At least they have GIVEN, to some degree, an actual SEASON. If they say Q2, people will be, WHEN WHEN? If they said Late, they would be like, so Xmas? If they said before Xmas, people would say, that could be ANY TIME of the year,

      I find it hard to believe they are aiming for a Spring Release. It may be over 6 months away, but they haven't even got a name or a definite form as this article suggests. I seriously expect MS to release their product first. It is the MS way and looks much ahead of Sony's piece of work in terms of demo's shown etc..

      If theres is Spring, then MS has to be the same time or even, THIS YEAR?! Which wouldn't happen. But MS at least have some sort of a name, Project Natal. Now Project Natal, is kinda like any other software/product being developed - its a codename. Like Windows or Mac being developed under codenames. Natal, can be mistaken for a different term MS have given it, and they even said its not the definite name.

      If Sony do release around Spring, it will shock me. Even with a few decent games.

      And they have to throw it in with the Eye Toy or whatever camera the controller uses.

      I believe that is to reflect the lack of knowing what the final motion controller is going to look like, and the prototype's strange likeness to said icecream cone.

      lol prolly coz the motion controllers look like one. mmmm ice-cream. brb

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