Space Bishop Loses Lawsuit Vs. Ubisoft

No, not that Bishop. In this case it's a guy high up in the UFO religion of Raëlism, who alleged Ubisoft cancelled a fatty contract with him after his membership became known.

Daniel Chabot, described as a bishop in the Church of Raël, runs an employee-coaching firm in Quebec. He claimed that when Ubisoft Montreal found out he worships UFOs, they ended the training program he was conducting for them.

A Quebec judge threw out his lawsuit, which only sought $US10,000. Lord, those Canadians are temperate people. Down here it would have been for several million. And it would have gotten tossed, too.

You might remember the Raëlians, who aside from the whole UFO-religion kookiness were at least on the ball to pick the week between Christmas and New Year's, the slowest news cycle of the year, to fool mainstream journalists with their claim they'd cloned a human. The announcement was later declared a hoax.

Court Rejects Lawsuit by Raëlian Church Bishop Against Ubisoft [Montreal Gazette via GamePolitics]


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