Spot The Greenest Packaging

Three console manufactures. Microsoft. Nintendo. Sony. Three ways of packaging the cards sold in GameStop that contain redemption codes for points used on the consoles' online stores. Which one do you think the planet likes best? Get a closer look:

To download games on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii, you need to use a credit card or buy a points card. All the points card has is a code. Here's how the big three package that code.

The first card is $US20 in PlayStation Network points. The second is $US20 in Nintendo points. The third is $US50 in Microsoft points. (All purchased yesterday by me at a Brooklyn, NY Gamestop.)

Take the cards out of the plastic and this is what's left. The numbers need to be scratched off or peeled off the cards.

And this is what's left of the packaging that held the cards.


    For once, SONY's trying to save up some money actually pays off ^^

    In Australia the Xbox live point cards are very similar to the PSN cards.

    They dont have a plastic shroud like the above pictures.

      I haven't bought a card retail since I got my visa debit but I distinctly remember having to wrestle with that shrould every time...

      all of the points cards that we stock at my EB Store look exactly like that.

    Looks as if Sony's is the greenest, especially if the packaging is made out of paper where as the other packages are plastic. Card is probably non reusable plastic though

    The design of that packaging is to stop in-store theft (that's what they're big and hard to open - you can't put one of them under your shirt and carry it out, and you also can't [without being really obvious] take it out of the packaging in the store, either).

    That doesn't make it RIGHT, of course, but obviously stopping shop lifters is more important than saving the planet.

      I can understand this makes perfect sense when the products are in the general store area, although these days I've found most point cards for things like Live and WoW subsriptions are kept behind the counter and/or locked in glass display cases. Maybe the packaging manufacturers underestimate the caution of the average retailer?

        Actually, the last time I went to JB's, the points cards were hanging on a wall, and anybody could've picked them up. That was a while ago, though.

        I agree that a better idea is to keep them behind the counter, though. Prepaid phone cards work that way - in fact, every time I've bought a prepaid phone card, all the relevent details were printed directly on the receipt and there was no plastic card at all. That's the sort of system they SHOULD be using (but I guess they don't get to put all their branding on it then).

    Actually, in Australia the Xbox Live cards DO have the plastic around them.

    The Nintendo Points (Wii and DSi points) are only in a smaller plastic bag, instead of the hard plastic wrapping.

    It's good that Sony trying to save some money, has the greener one out of the three.

    I work in a game store, and the aussie Nintendo cards are cardboard only, we dont have those plastic holders (although there is plastic wrapping around them to show they are sealed).

    go greener..
    1 email is all that you will get. plus its way cheaper than retail, for ms points and live subscriptions anyway.

      yeah? now find us a store that does that for AU points

    Yeah Nintendo & MS can make even more money if they result to the packaging like Sony's. They really need to.

    For the environment, for money & for the consumers. I've nearly cut myself opening one of their products. I understand it is a security issue but going to JB Hi-Fi, its hard to steal. The Points are behind the counter & controllers or accessories in similar HARD TO OPEN packaging that are on the shelves, are hard to escape the wandering eye of the person who checks all bags to everyone at the door.

    Eb Games have them behind the counter, i think everyone do unless they're in a cupboard/shelf that needs a key to access it. So WHY DONT THEY MAKE THEIR PACKAGING LIKE SONY'S????

    The only reason why the Sony ones are like that and why they aren't in Australia yet is that the code has to be registered via the counter before it works on the PSN. So someone could steal 1,000,000 of them, and all Sony would lose is the price of plastic.

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