Spread Your Aion Wings In Guild Wars

NCsoft is spreading Aion's wings into one of its other popular MMO titles, with a special promotion that will make the pretty people of Guild Wars that much prettier.

Players who purchase copies of the Aion Collector's Edition or a first run Aion Steelbook Edition will be treated to a code that unlocks a special Aion wings emote in the free-to-play massively multiplayer game Guild Wars. The wing emote will be bonded to the player's Guild Wars account, meaning that any GW character on said account will be able to break out a pair of wings that Aion players will have to struggle weeks if not months to acquire.

The promotion will only last as long as the first run of the Steelbook Edition of Aion, so if you're interested you might want to get that preorder in now. Aion will be released on September 23rd in North America.


    Buy a new MMO to get something in a MMO you already have.

    I don't think they thought this through.

    It's so when you realise aion is crap and go back to playing guild wars you have something for your money.

    yeah but GW has kinda gone downhill since EoTN most of the players have moved onto other things while w8ing for GW 2 to rear its head which hopefully is in the next year as a release

      Yeah, like WoW :)

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