Square Enix Answer Final Fantasy VII Remake Question

Square Enix has remade numerous games in its back catalogue. One title that it hasn't remade just yet is Final Fantasy VII.

At the Gamescom convention in Germany, website VG247 asked Square Enix producers Yoshi Kitase and Motomu Toriyama about the possibility of a FFVII remake. The translator replied:

There's not official project that's up and running for a remake ofFinal Fantasy VII at this point. Both Toriyama-san and Kitase-san were involved in the development of the game, however, and it holds a special place in their hearts. They do talk about it on a personal level, like, 'If we did it it would be like this or like that.'

So, they do talk about it, but there's no official project yet. But there's that PSN release that just came out, so if you could play that for the time being, it should be fun.

So while Square Enix ponders the possibility of FFVII, you can go occupy yourself with Final Fantasy VII on the PSN. M'kay?

FF bosses: No FFVII remake project "yet," play PSN release "for the time being" [VG247][Pic]


    I don't know how many times I've read it now, but the response from Squeenix has always been 'not going to happen'. I'd be surprised if they changed their minds, especially considering they'd have to keep it under wraps until it was released so they wouldn't be continuously hounded by fans...

      I interpreted Square Enix's responses as "It isn't happening "now" " rather than It isn't happen what so ever."

    well both producers are working on the new Final Fantasy, so i don't think it will happening soon.

    He had to answer that question Soooo many times its embarassing. Hes said repeatedly that, they do not intend to add anymore to the Final Fantasy 7 franchise for-the-time-being. They've got more than enough on their plate right now to work on. There is FF13, Versus 13, Agito, Kingdom Hearts BBS, and the ever so obvious Kingdom Hearts 3.

    Am I the only one who thinks they should remake Super Mario RPG of atleast give it a true sequal

      I agree with you! Gosh I loved that game so much!

    While I can respect the work there doing on all there other games atm, if they did a remake of FF7 it would certainly jump sales up of the ps3 or any other consoles they made it for. I for one would buy a system just for it. The game still holds a special place and the best console rpg for so many people it just makes sense to eventually do a remake. Here's hoping.

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