Square Enix Honcho Talks About The Dragon Quest IX Haters

Remember, game developers have feelings, too. When Dragon Quest IX went on sale, Amazon Japan users went bonkers, slamming the game.

When asked how the game's creators felt about that, Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada offered this, "Because it's the internet, well, that's the internet for ya. We were telling the game creators 'Don't worry about that.'" Take that, internet!

"Regarding likes and dislikes, there are good opinions and bad opinions," Wada continued. There's no choice but to separate them. It's not so simple as getting horrible reviews means horrible sales or getting great reviews means great sales. Customers are calmly looking at this from above and making their decision."

売れ続ける「ドラクエIX」Amazonの不評は「そういうもんでしょう」と和田社長 [IT Media][Pic]


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