Star Wars' Tatooine DLC Now Available For Two Consoles

Outer-space DLC week continues as Mass Effect's Pinnacle Station release is followed by the release today of a new mission for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, playable on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game.

The game's new Tatooine mission is the second DLC level offered since last September. The original took place during the events of the game's campaign, which spans Star Wars Episode III and Episode IV. The new one occurs after the game, as summarised in LucasArts' press release:

The mission begins at the end of the story of The Force Unleashed and re-imagines the Star Wars Saga as if the Secret Apprentice had killed Darth Vader and taken his place at the Emperor's side, becoming the most powerful Sith Lord in the universe. The story picks up as the Emperor sends his new apprentice to the planet Tatooine to dispatch Obi-Wan Kenobi — who has been hiding on the planet ever since the events of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. During their hunt for the reclusive Jedi, players will also explore the depths of Jabba the Hutt's palace and encounter notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett.

The mission costs 800 Microsoft points, or $US10.

A third level, set on Hoth, is set to be included only on the disc-based Ultimate Sith Edition release of the game, which is set for later this year. That edition will include all three missions in addition to the core game.

LucasArts has announced no plans to make the bonus missions available for the Wii version of the game.


    Does anyone else think it's BS that You have to buy the Ultimate Sith Edition to play the Hoth level? What about the fans that love starwars and bought force unleashed on release? We're getting shafted. Unless it's a limited exclusivity and they'll release it as DLC later. Still why do we have to wait? :(

      I agree completely, it's just insulting to those of us who have helped this game sell at all. The media was full of mostly negative reviews, the only positive voices you could hear were people like us. The ones who are now being spat on by lucasarts. Typical, really...

    Thats fucked man....the last content only being released on disc...way to screw over the people who have already bought the game, have paid for both DLC and have to buy the game new again just for the one mission...

    BTW noobish question how do you find the first mission DLC, cant seem to find it in the in game menu even though ive downloaded it and completed the rest of the game...

      Look under T for The Force Unleashed, rather than S for Star Wars or F for Force Unleashed.

      You have to start a new game. Then you can choose the main campaign, or the bonus mission.

    I recently bought the game, had a lot of fun, then bought the Jedi Temple add on. It was the biggest ripoff I've found on XBL so far. 800 points for an hour's gameplay that didn't really add anything new or exciting and in fact contained some awful force-power puzzle filler. Oh and some new characters. So I'm very skeptical of this.

    Yeah, until LucasArts explain how I can get both new levels without buying a new copy of the game, they can take their DLC and cram it.

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