Star Wars: The Lucasarts Adventure Game

You know, 15 years ago, me and my friends had a a dream. That Lucasarts would get the original movie cast to provide the voices for a Star Wars adventure game. It never happened, but this comes pretty damn close.

This is Han Solo Adventures, a fan-made, freeware (it's not a commercial venture, Lucasarts lawyers!) project by Stacy Davidson. It's as close to my dream as we're ever going to get; a Star Wars adventure game based on an earlier version of the SCUMM engine, complete with that timeless, early-90's Lucasarts look.

The story is described as "interactive fan fiction", Davidson saying to expect something "fairly original, loosely based on available background information on Han and his early exploits".

There's a couple of screenshots here to ogle, as well as a trailer, though Davidson says the finished game won't feature a vocal track, only text, as this clip was made for a different project.

Han Solo Adventures [HSA, via GameSetWatch]


    Just because its not commercial wouldn't stop LucasFilm trying to C&D it. IIRC they did it to the Galactic Conquest mod for BF1942.

      If its made by a fan for the fans, and its not for profit, then things like this should be left alone, after all, if they put a stop to this, then they would have to put a stop to all the star wars conventions where people make their own costumes... because thats breaching copyright.....

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