Star Wars: The Old Republic - Enter The Sith Warrior

Fear, anger, and hatred fuel the latest character class revealed by BioWare for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Sith Warrior; the death knights of the Star Wars universe.

The Sith Warriors are front line fighters who inspire fear and loyalty in their comrades, which certainly sounds like your standard MMO definition of a death knight. Unlike their light-sided counterparts, the Sith Warrior has no qualms with wearing heavy armour, often replacing bits of themselves with cybernetic devices to help keep their opponents on their toes. And like a death knight, the Sith Warrior uses the Force to terrify, paralyse, and kill his or her enemies.

Head on over to the official web page for the Sith Warrior and memorize what you read there; I've a feeling you'll be seeing a great many of these guys once Star Wars: The Old Republic goes live.


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