StarCraft II LAN Petition Hits 100K

The petition to get offline network play added back in to Starcraft II has hit 100,000 signatures. Doesn't mean Blizzard will shift away from funneling everyone into Battle.Net. But six figures is a credible number.

In late June, Blizzard defended the removal of LAN support - and thus the end of the LAN party for this game - as a way to "ensure a quality multiplayer experience with StarCraft II and safeguard against piracy." The petition, in a quite pleading tone of voice, asks for LAN support to be saved, for reasons of lag, customer convenience, and the game's heritage.

I'm thinking the $$$ behind getting everyone on or else is going to speak well more loudly to Blizzard than 100,000 voices, no matter how reasonable their requests or respctfully they're worded. It makes me wonder if there ever was a useful Internet petition.

More than 100,000 Sign StarCraft II LAN Petition [VG247 via VE3D]


    In a game expected to sell millions, a few hundred thousand isn't that big of a problem. Especially when most of them will pick it up regardless. It's not a boycott which is nice, but hopefully like Steam has implemented we'll get some offline play.

      Yeh, don't think that number's going to make much of a difference. 100k feels a bit like chump change for a game like SCII.

    Whether Blizzard caves to the petition or not (I would imagine not), it will only be a matter of time before some enterprising coder drums up an unofficial LAN-play add-on.

    Wasn't LAN the reason Korean's and Competative placesstill play it alot

      Yeha I just read the other article(There needs to be an option to edit posts, methinks).

      I can understands Blizz's stance on piracy, but they're saying Money > Consumers at this point. Taking out what made SC such an awesome game to today, just to save money from a pirating issue.

      Won't it still be possible to pirate the game anyway? I see Blizz just trying to delay the inevitable.

    I wonder what the Koreans has to say about this no Lan thing?

    don't the Koreans have awesome internet everywhere?

    whats worse is the whole reason that we have to wait for sc2 (the latest delay) is because they are updating battle net to deal with stuff like this!

    As I keep saying, people here all seem to be waiting for Starcraft 1.5: Episodes. A face lift with crippled multiplayer.

    And how many of those 100k will buy it regardless? Plenty, I'd think. Online petitions mean jack all.

    its ridiculous to get rid of LAN capabilities when the main reason for Starcraft's continued fame in the RTS genre is due to the competitive professional leagues which "only" uses LAN due to lag

    LAN without internet connection will not be made available. There will be LAN, but it will require authentication check over Bnet.

    Free LAN will _never_ happen with this game.

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