Steam Down For Maintenance On Thursday

PC gamers whose very existence depends upon the availability of Valve's Steam service take note: It'll be down for maintenance for an estimated three hours "at the most" on Thursday.

The downtime will kick off at 6pm Pacific and will affect pretty much everything and anything Steam-related, including in-game matchmaking and lobbies, buying from the Steam store, downloading from the Steam store and even the Steam community.

If everything goes according to plan, it'll be back up and running by 9pm Pacific. If it's not up by then, panic.


    That's from 11am Friday for us eastern state aussies, if my internets is correct...

    Thanks for that Waffle.

    A quick interweb looksie suggests that Mr Waffle is correct... Should be finished by 2pm Friday... I'll still be at work.

    Crisis Averted!

    I wonder what this would mean for a game like say Dawn of War 2, it uses GFWL for it's multiplayer management but even if you launch it through the .exe in the folder it still seems to go through steam.

    Of course 3 hours isn't a big deal, just interested for the sake of it to know what impact it would have.

    Wow. Now I can't fucking get achievements.
    Fucking VALVe. Tisk tisk.

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