Steven Spielberg To Produce Halo Movie?

According to sources speaking with film site IESB, talent agency CAA and "studio executives," Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg is in talks to oversee the production of a new Halo movie.

IESB say Spielberg has been "blown away" by Stuart Beattie's screenplay, which as we know deals with a kid called John. Oh, and some aliens as well, along with a little shooting.

IESB also point out that having lost Transformers, Dreamworks (having recently split from their distribution deal with Paramount) will be looking to gain a replacement "tentpole" action series, and Halo - which has been abandoned by Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp - fits the bill perfectly.

Apparently CAA, who list Spielberg as a client, have the director in "active negotiations" to produce the movie. So please, make note of this. He's rumoured to be in talks to produce the movie, not direct it.

Sounds crazy, but then, five years ago how many of you would have picked that Spielberg would produce a Transformers movie?

IESB Exclusive: Master Chief and HALO May Be Coming to the Big Screen Sooner than Expected with a New Big Name Producer [IESB]


    oh god, don't let Michael Bay near it.

      I'm going to burn in Hell for saying it... but Michael Bay would probably be O.K for this.

      There's no need for charectorisation... Avery Johnson is about the closest Halo's got to a fleshed out charector.
      There's no love interest, so no need for a romance subplot.
      So essentialy we're talking ninety odd minutes of special effects and one dude blowing stuff up.

      That's right down Bays alley.

        Monty Oum should direct it lol. He's already proven himself with Haloid...

        I have to agree, Bay is terrible, but this would be his kind of thing, over the top action, no characterization and just a lot of explosions.

    JJ Abrams, Ridley Scott, Michael Mann... If its Bay I'll Carradine myself in disappointment.

    Close Encounters, ET, AI, Transformers, Indy IV, seaQuest DSV, Twilight Zone, Taken, War of the Worlds... Halo

    All these films and series have two things in common: Spielberg and something *else*.

    In ten-fifteen years when Spielberg retires, he will finally come out and say that he was abducted and probed by Aliens, and I will say:

    I frakking called it.

    Halo is just another nail in this coffin.

    Na ditch this idea, red vs. Blue:the movie. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better than an actual halo movie.

    Their is only one man fit to play Master Chirf: Chuck Norris

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