Street Date Smash: Joker Escapes Asylum Early

Street Date Smash: Joker Escapes Asylum Early

batman-gametradersIt’s always the way: highly anticipated game ships into retail ahead of its intended release date, highly anticipated game ends up being sold to customers ahead of its intended release date.

This time it’s the turn of Batman: Arkham Asylum, the well-reviewed Eidos brawling adventure. Having just grappled the gargoyle of shops around the country this week, at least one retailer has started selling copies one week before its September 3 release date.

That retailer is Gametraders’ Carillon WA store, pictured here flogging the PS3 version for 20 bucks under RRP. Early and cheap? Impressive.

Anyone secured a copy elsewhere today?

[Thanks raze35!]


  • If you look closely the game has an australian OFLC M sticker placed over another country’s rating, meaning this is an imported version.

    No street date broken.

    • Yes, the OFLC (or Classification Board, or whatever) sticker is wrong. They normally have the “Recommended for a mature audience” and the reason it’s got the rating it does as well. No decent publisher would release such a big title with the incorrect sticker.

    • Not so Wayno. All Eidos games in Aus are like this. They do not manufacture Aus specific games , just relabel. The street has been broken.


      Carousel has it too and the LTD ed, they are HUGE! Perhaps I missed info about it but I didn’t expect the thing to be that big!!

      ps. LTD for $139

  • Hey aussies, remember to print this image and show it to people at stores so you get hte game cheaper for reals !

  • Don’t forget that if you buy the US version, you may have issues with DLC in the future – any free stuff should be fine, but you’d have to create a US account (if you don’t already have one) and download from the US store.

  • @David Wildgoose: hey mate, it’s actually $30 off RRP. The RRP is $119 (Crazy >.<)

    Anyway, for those who wants cheaper price, as long as you can wait till this friday, Cdwow has Batman for $82… Not to mention free shipping too!

  • not to be beating in the bush here, but can’t that company now be sued for selling another regions copy and pretending it to be our own? if that is ntsc i would be pissed.

  • @ Andrew Barnes.

    There is no legal case. Gametraders don’t enter in to any sort of agreement with the local distributors which is how street dates are enforced. There is no law against it, it’s a contract entered into voluntarily. Since they import most of their stock, they don’t care about what the local distributors think. They did the same thing with the 360 version of Ghostbusters.

  • Given that in the US the street date (25/8) was broken by about a week (and there were torrents around 21/8) and orders from o/s online stores are already reaching Australian buyers it’s kinda insane to continue to hold to 3/9 if you’ve got the game in stock.

  • JB Hi-Fi Doncaster claim if the street date is broken they can only sell it if it’s a nearby store. That and they claimed none of their stores have stock anyway.

    Sounds suspiciously like they were blowing me off

    • Um, no, they’re doing the right thing there. I can vouch for their claim that no JB store in Australia has received their stock yet — we usually don’t receive the games until a day or two before the release, if not ON the day of release. The store I work at in SA has received the comics and pre-order codes already, but absolutely no store has gotten any copies of the game or any t-shirts in.

      That, and Head Office has told us strictly not to break release date unless they tell us otherwise. IF you can prove that a store has broken the street release, you’re still likely to be turned down; we have to inform Head Office about the broken release before we can sell it to you.

      Sorry, but that’s how it is.

  • I find it ridiculous that the people being penalised and being forced to wait for the game due to some arbitrary street date that’s effectively useless, are those who are purchasing legally from local retailers… seems to me those are the people the retailers should be grateful for.

    • I completely agree. What I don’t understand is, why the arbitrary week late release in Australia? EU seems to have gotten it on the 28th, so why must we wait? There doesn’t seem to be any big name releases that it was up against, I’m sure it would have squashed the competition. What gives?

  • I am just thankful that it’s only a week between the US release and the AU release dates. Remember when Metroid Prime was a few months between US and AU?!?!

    • just got home.went to an eb games in cairns at about in store so i peeked into the back room{door was slightly ajar} and the two staff were playing it!i demanded a copy and the manager poof said in a monotone,’if you wish to purchase a copy of batman arkham asylum,please return on the 3rd of september’
      there was a box on the table with at least 100 copies for 360,ps3 and even the pc version which isnt out for some time!i had a bit of a sook,then left…

    • But US street date was broken by almost a week – 19 or 20th I think the first went on sale and other stores followed suit pretty quickly. 21st there was already a torrent so people illegally downloading could have had the game over a week and a half before some Au stores are willing to sell stock they have already. And as is evident import stores are already selling the game nearly a week before those local stores will be.

      Don’t get me wrong, if they don’t have the stock then the fault is with the distributor who should have responded but when they have stock – why continue to hold out, it’s pointless and will wind up losing customers. I’m tempted to cancel my pre-orders for other games at my local EB and order from an online store I know will ship the moment they have the stock.

  • We don’t even have it in from delivery stock yet at Game lol, i’d imagine other retailers might not as well. Don’t blame us blame the distributors please, we won’t get it til next week.

  • Gametraders and Dungeon Crawl are selling imports, not official distributed copies. No precedent/ and or street date has been broken. To do so would incur a $40,000 fine. It’s stupid, I know, but there’s nothing that can be done about it. Which is a shame, because as a manager of a small games store, I have 50 copies ready to be sold as of this moment. If that doesn’t sound painful, this will … I’m about to play my copy now!

    Enjoy the next two days waiting 🙂

  • ffs.

    JB called and said they would sell me the Collector’s today. Instead of rushing out to buy it – I opted to goto the gym.

    By the time I came back they had called me and said that it will be available tomorrow.


    Life lesson to all the kids out there: Games > Gym

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