Street Fighter II Coming To Zen Pinball

Zen Pinball creators Zen Studios are ready to start releasing new content for the PlayStation Network pinball game, spin-kicking things off with a Street Fighter II-themed table.

Zen Pinball is essentially the PlayStation Network version of Xbox Live Arcade's Pinball FX, albeit with a different set of tables. Last year Zen released a Street Fighter II Turbo-themed table for Pinball FX, and now it looks like they are releasing another one for Zen Pinball. Or potentially the same one. We've contacted the developer to find out, but have yet to receive a response. Just seems silly to release a Super Street Fighter II Turbo table at this juncture, unless you're releasing something you already have done.

Still, even if it is the same table, it was a rather nice one, and the tightened physics of the PSN pinball game should only make things that much better. No word on price, but we should find out by the end of this month - Zen has an August 2009 release date penciled in for the new addition.

ZEN Pinball Street Fighter Table [PlayStation Blog]


    Hrmm.. after purchasing Zen Pinball I was rather disappointed. Some things really stood out with it, the physics and definitely the sound effects.. the biggest downfall for me was the tables.

    They're not fun, and visually they all tend to just look like a mess of... "stuff". The El Dorado was easiest on the eyes, but tables like Tesla were hard to decipher what was going where.

    Gameplay was relatively bland too... Maybe it was me, but a few other people in the office felt the same. The table layouts were lacking the awesome. Had high hopes for this, but still... nothing tops Balls of Steel by 3D Realms for me (and it was just re-release on their web store!)

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