Sunday Supplement: "the sounds of ghost laughter mixed with screams"

silent-hill-picWelcome to your Sunday reservoir of interesting writing about video games. Grab your reading jacket, a cup of coffee and get ready to exercise the brain.

BLDGBLOG: Procedural Destruction and the Algorithmic Fiction of the City Jim Rossignol ponders the art and implication of procedurally generated virtual cityscapes.

Eurogamer: Retrospective: Planescape Torment Dan Griliopoulos remembers a previous life where he played through the greatest PC RPG of all time.

Experience Points: The Sound of Horror Jorge Albor digests how games like Dead Space and Silent Hill infect your imagination through their aural atmosphere.

NOWGamer: The Seeds Of Romance gamesTM feature republished online examines the design challenges of portraying believable and interactive relationships.

The Quixotic Engineer: Mechanics, Dynamics & Aesthetics Matthew Gallant gets deep in design theory to outline the inverse perspective between player and designer.


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