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    I'll start the ball rolling: anyone know why I get 403 forbidden for so many kotaku-au images lately?

    ok, am i the only one of seeing our beloved games and shows getting analy raped with new movie adaptations.

    It really started to bother me with transformers.. i mean i LOVED the original cartoon when i was growing up, and now they've made it a new age fad with terrible looking new versions of old classic (megatron wtf - and bumblebee's a convertable muscle car now??) that are made to cater to the ADD ridden current generation that can't sit still or pay attention if 5 seconds go by with a camera sitting static or without a massive explosion created by magical CGI fairies.

    Now it's happening again with the GI JOE movie, another thing i loved as a child. The previews look TERRIBLE! They have dumbed down a magnificent thing. Almost the entire clip was slapstick acting with over the top CGI effects, explosions and leaping through air at impossible heights...

    It just makes me angry that movie makers sees everyone as slack jawed idiots they can make a quick buck off... and what makes it worse is it actually works for them, as the vast majority of the movie going public are slack jawed idiots...

      Here here.

      Red P plates + Autobots/decepticons decal on beat up Barina = Facepalm.

      I don't particularly mind what Michael Bay's done with Transformers, even if some points do grate on me a bit (Overuse/over focus on the human characters to start with). Still, I wouldn't be wishing too hard for the G1 we all remember to be made to the Big screen - The original Cartoon had more plot holes than most of Bay's efforts and was significantly more cringe worthy. It also had lots of explosions and flashy stuff, so I'm not entirely sure what your point is here....

      For the record too - Bumblebee is a Camero because Volkswagen refuses to let Hasbro use the VW Beetle because of Germany's National shame.

        And here I was thinking that bumblebee was a camaro because ford paid big sponsorship money

        Oh there's that too :D

        Big sponsorship $$$$ no doubt played a big part. I prefer the Camero to say a Swift or Prius though.


        you mean GM, right?


      You make it sound like Transformers and GI Joe were high art or something. They were TOY COMMERCIALS...

        they were indeed glorified toy commercials... but they were damn good toy commercials.

        Not to mention they put in a positive message for the kids all the time


    I agree COMPLETELY! I mean i never really sat and watched the old Transformers cartoons, and even I can notice the difference with the new BS movies.

    As the seemingly miniscule part of this generation with intelligence, I think it's complete balls to be doing series reboots after so many years. I mean look at some of the classic horror movie staples: Nightmare on Elm St, Friday the 13th, Halloween. All of them butchered (and not in the good way, except NoES, still in production), ruining everything we know and love about our childhood.

    How long until they start remaking the Harry Potter movies, with 'INTENSE SUPER HIGH DEFINITION EXPLOSIONS' and half naked witches EVEEEEERYWHEREE!!

    BS is what it is...

    ok I'm done =)

      @Scott "How long until they start remaking the Harry Potter movies, with ‘INTENSE SUPER HIGH DEFINITION EXPLOSIONS’ and half naked witches EVEEEEERYWHEREE!!"

      Sounds like you're describing the Half-Blood Prince movie right there.

    Not gaming related, but what's with today? It looks as if Nokia's taken a gigantic N97-sized dump all over the site, then enclosed it in a tiny frame.

    I'm all for sites offering up themselves and re-skinning to suit the product being promoted (because advertising revenue = good thing & means the site stays alive), but doing that and forcing the site content into a tiny little window/frame in the middle of the screen is horrid (and so very last decade).

    I'm a vocal minority, but I'll be off to the US Giz until things go back to normal.

      Agreed. The Nokia ad thing is an abomination! Just ruins the entire site. I'm amazed that this was allowed through.

    Okay, so I'm sick of waiting for Rock Band 2 to get a local release in Australia, so I'm considering importing. What do you guys think would be the best option? I can grab it for about $85 through Play Asia, but does anyone know a better option (read: cheaper)?

      This isn't a proper answer to your question, and I don't know how official it is, but CD WOW have a 25/9 release date for a PAL Rock Band 2 for Wii on their website, so perhaps RB2 really is coming after all.

      Being the backwards country that we are (second only to Rand McNally, where they wear hats on their feet and hamburgers eat people), The Beatles: Rock Band drops on the 9th of September, so I'll be getting that instead of RB2.

      As for RB2 otherwise, at least drop by to get a Play Asia coupon if you can't find it anywhere else (they have a chain thread of coupons, where you use one up and replace it when your order comes in).


    Hey David, how come on the bottom of Kotaku articles, it says AU Comments | US Comments, but when you click on US Comments there are none there... until you go to, the US site and find heaps of them in the same article.

    Is this just another raping of the PAL territory, I thought Kotaku was above that.

      Prefer the way it is, rather hear what Aussies have to say about the issues that directly effect us... we don't need to know and worry about what the Americans think...

        don't need to know, nor do we really care

        Sometimes the AU comments are fairly sparse or non existent. It's not like you are forced to see them, you needed to click on the US comments like back in the old days, sometimes, it's nice to get a different perspective.

        Might even be a busted part of the site Kotaku were unaware of?

      Huh, I was just about to post a big post about this. Yeah, it's annoying when you go in and noone's commented, but you KNOW the Yanks have had plenty to say (they've got 15 times pop to pick gamers from), and if not that it's just dumb that the link doesn't work.

    Ok... i feel kinda robbed (in an excited way)

    Now i'm on of those weird people that played gears 2 first... simply because it came with my xbox.
    Took me AGES to get through (like a good couple weeks)

    Now i've just compleated Gears one in the space of today. From start to finish... i do have to say though, gears 2 was much better for weapons and enemies and the such..

    but why so short!?!? gah!

    has anyone received their PSP's with monster hunter yet? i'm dying (not literally) to get mine! gah..!

      yeah i am also waiting for my psp... its taking awhile.... but i remember a article awhile ago, that showed someone unpacking their Overlord 2 prize pack, apparently it took them 2.5 weeks to receive it.

        Prepare for Aussie stereotype:

        i don't know how long i can wait before i go batshit bonkers. lol

        I already had a psp, but i gave my old one to my younger sister (as part of her many b'day presents) seeing as i won this one, so now i'm PSPless and itching lol

      yeah i know what u mean, theirs so many great games for the PSP right now, cant wait for little big planet and soulcalibur.

      Stupid question here.

      does anyone know What sort of delivery this is? like do i have to sign something or is it going to be in my mail box?

        this is just a guess, but being in the distribution industry it will more than likely come out via australian air express or startrack.. possibly even toll ipec... it depends who their preffered carrier is.

        all will require a signature though, especially as they are expensive items

        cool thanks for answering...damn that means i have to be home, i hope they don't come when I'm at uni. well at least i got Wednesday to Friday off. :)

        if they come and you're not there it'll most likely be taken to your local post office where you can pick it up later, or they will leave a card with instructions on how to arange a second drop when you will be home at a time best suited to you. :)

    Who wants to shout me a new HD TV? Since mine was stolen from me :(

      Your insurance company?

    I'm so sick of people claiming that Harry Potter has an in-depth plot line and characters that you grow to love. It's all children's SHIT! A fucking highschool for magically gifted teenagers...are you fucking KIDDING ME?!?!? Also it's incredibly convinient that no matter what book you're reading Hogwarts always has SOME piece of magic left up its sleeve to help them out on that ONE specific occasion case in point Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when the magical training room helped them learn about fighting evil or if that wouldn't have been useful in the other friggin books?!?!? POOR STORY TELLING! J. K. Rowling should never write again.

      You're a twilight fan, yeah?

      Sounds like someone has been reading too much Twilight ;)

      I don't think J.K. Rowling really needs to write again.

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