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    Any other PC gamers annoyed at not getting DLC or sometimes certain games? I mean it's a PC it's what they made the game on it must be able to play it. I know most companies are probably worried about Piracy, but if it is genuinely good game (unlike spore) and distributed properly without DRM or anything and even if it still gets pirated I really still think it's worth it to support the PC platform. I say this becuase I'm a PC gamer (obviously) but not the type who likes multiplayer FPSs or thinks that keyboard and mouse is the best control system (I have a 360 controller) I mainly like RPGs such and most of the games I play will usually be available on the 360, the reason I choose PC is becuase of the graphics and the games released on it are usually cheaper and becuase of it's other uses (television, dvd player, internet, word processor etc.) but with games such as Prince of Persia the PC will not get any DLC which I find wuite annoying seeing as Microsoft "games for windows live" seems to be already attached in some form to xbox live (and would it kill them to add a search function?) and it took Braid which everyone went on about so much ages to get to PC as well. Anyway that's enough of my PC rant.

      I'm yet to see any DLC not released for the PC that I'd class as "zomgwtf". Fallout 3 is about the only title I've seen with worthwhile (read: Not just re-skins, horse armour or other cosmetic stuff) DLC that's made me want to drop cash on it.

        Well the Prince of Persia lets you play after the ending which is pretty major and yes generally PC "DLC" was been free and better before microsoft decided to distribute to use Games For Windows live to distribute it. But why do games that are on both PC and 360 sometimes only release DLC for 360? Sure maybe Microsoft is trying to convince people to buy xboxes, but I'm still buying their operating system and buying the MS points. I just think PC ought to be at the top of spectrum when it comes to DLC becuase if it's history of patches and free content and also how much easier it both for the user to download and the developer to publish on, I dunno maybe some DLC just breaks the game on PC versions and i guess if Fable 2 is going to be so buggy on the xbox it may on even work on the PC.

      What I've gotten confused at is when DLC became labelled "DLC" for the PC.
      The odd bout of DLC I've come across (Mass Effect, GH) is what, an extra level or a few more tracks (which, effectively, an extra few 'levels')?
      Stuff like that used to come with patches, didn't they? Like Neverwinter Nights. Every now and then you'd get a new scenario to play through when Bioware would release a patch.
      Back in the old days... *foams at mouth, arms flailing wildly*

      The only thing that comes to mind as good 'DLC' is (maybe) TF2 and L4D. They've added more and more features (arguably enough for an expansion?), but since online games always try so hard to keep people interested in their game by adding more and more options, I'unno if you really would consider it DLC. At least not in the same vein as single player games.

    Hey guys. I'm currently doing the USC, so unfortunately, my time for video games and reading up on them has been diminished. I'd like to know two things...
    1) what games should I have by the end of the year? Including things released in the last few months, and
    2) when do businesses start advertising for their christmas casual positions? This is to finance the games, haha.

    Thanks for any help you can give me!

      @James - What system(s)?

      If you're a fan, both Secret of Monkey Island: Special edition and the new Tales of Monkey Island are worth picking up (and not very expensive either!) on your system of choice (that is, unless you've got a PS3).

      On the PSP front there's just Final Fantasy: Dissidia to look forward to in September, although isn't Gran Turismo portable due before Christmas as well? I'd also suggest looking at Prinny: Can I really be the Hero? if you're into soul-destroying 2d platformers (and can handle the main character uttering 'dood' every 2nd word).
      DS-wise, Scribblenauts is also out in September

      There's tonnes more to be had, unless you were holding out for Bioshock 2 or Red Steel 2. Both got pushed back to 2010 for various reasons :(

      As for Christmas casuals - Check around... I'd probably go ask the various places to see. Normally most seem to start advertising around Sept-Oct for positions (At least I know I've seen the signs in various EB stores around then).

    Hey guys,

    What do you make of the shift towards DLC in general? Will you miss boxes? It seems to have happened without anyone really minding whereas with books everyone in publishing kicked up a storm.

    Touche, Bitches! wrote something on it ( It's interesting although I don't really agree with it. But I'm glad some critics are weighing into the debate! I think it'll be fascinating to see if it goes the way of music or fence-sits like publishing. Also check out the Miyamoto interview about it (

      Do you mean just DLC or digital distribution as a whole? ie full version games that are released for download only (psp go for example)

      I'm very much for and against it.

      I'm old fashioned and love having cases and cd's/carts for my games. i like to have a physical copy of what i spent my hard earned money on - it adds a sence of acheivement.

      But then there are the small games/downloadable content that don't really need a retail release, which is when digital distribution is ok i guess..


    Can anyone tell me why there are 2 versions of wolverine in marvel v capcom 2 on xbox360 arcade

    Is This Right?

      It's normal Wolverine and bone-claws Wolverine from the Fatal Attractions saga. if you want to read up on it. is another good spot to read if you're curious.

    Out of curiosity, I was just wondering has anyone has heard word of whether Blazblue will be getting a local Australian release? I secured the US copy on release, but I have quite a few friends who are interested in getting a copy and are holding out for it to reach our local shores.

    Oh and on the topic of fighters, has everyone decided which Tekken 6 bundle they're going with yet? (If you're getting an LE edition that is). As a fighting game purist, I'm tempted by the wireless stick bundle but since I already have the SFIV Tournament Edition stick, I am a little concerned it's only going to serve a decorative purpose. The fact that it's wireless is nice, and I heard the buttons are a softer make than the Sanwa ones on the SFIV stick, but still...

    Is anyone who has the SFIV TE stick investing in the T6 one as well?

      I'm going to buy the 360 T6 stick, and I'll totally kick your ass the next time I'm in Sydney :P (ok, maybe not...)

      Are you saying that BlazBlue isn't region-locked? Because if so, I'ma gonna have to hit it up. Stupid me bought Battle Fantasia locally recently as an attempt to tide me over until we saw a local release of BlazBlue, and they butchered the hell out of it...

        Neil I bought the US PS3 version which of course has no region coding, but as far as the 360 version is concerned, could be a completely different story ^^;

    Xbox live users, what modem/routers do you use? getting my network set up again after moving and am stressing out about going and buying a 100-200 dollar modem/router and it not being as compatible as i would like with xbl

      David, how is your network setup?

      I'm using a D-Link DSL-504T and I haven't had problems with NAT type etc, it was pretty cheap when I picked it up (around $150).

      That said, I can't remember if I had to muck around with ports to get it that way.

      If you have a look at the xbox site, they have a list of compatible routers listed (strangely mine isn't listed there... hmmm).

    Does anyone remember the legendary Derek Smart, of Battlecruiser 3000AD fame (or rather, infamy)? Anyone who used to read game mags from the 90s should recall this chap and his exploits... anyway, I was rather shocked to just load up Steam and found two games that have just gone up on it (All Aspect Warfare & Angle of Attack) are made by him. I'm downloading the demos now, to see if they're as... er... special as Battlecruiser.

    I swear, the last month or two has just been crazy with stuff from the past popping up. Lucasarts with their Monkey Island releases, new Mechwarrior, Bethesda giving away Daggerfall for free, now Derek Smart... it's like the 1990s all over again. Now if only I had my hypercolour tshirts...

      What PC gamer from the 90s could forget Derek Smart? The ongoing saga of BC3K were things of legend back then.

      The Kotaku article about there possibly being a new X-Wing vs TIE Fighter game has gotten me more than a bit excietd however!

    I was thinking about switching over to iinet from optus internet, does anyone use them, are they good?

    Is anyone getting the assassins creed Black Edition form EB games?

    Well I've been shopping around on the net and discovered game stop is a selling a "master" edition which includes everything from the Black edition minus one in-game map and metal tin case in stead of a black one and the white edition figurine rather than the black one.

    All this for $135 Australian (including postage and handling)which is only $5 more than the White edition at EB games if your prepared to wait for shipping.

    I found that EB is offering a trade in deal whereby the game is reduced by $120 if you trade in 3 games from an eligible list, I had a look on eBay and found three copies of dark sector for $23 each meaning I could trade them in and get the black edition for $78.95 on PC or $98.95 on Xbox 360.

    Who says you need to pay more for collectors editions?

      I plan on only getting one CE this year and that's the AC Black Edition. Whether or not you think what you get with it is deemed useless, solely depends on what you place value in basically.

      Getting a figurine, to me, is pretty cool. On the other hand, I have absolutely no intention of buying the COD5 'Prestige' Edition for those ridiculous 'night-vision' goggles. But that's just me. I know I'd be less embarrassed in bringing my ladyfan into my room and her seeing a Ezio figurine on my shelf than a fluffin' model head with an obnoxiously large pair of awkward looking goggles on my bedside table. Mind could factor into some kind of 'close quarter combat' in the dark, no?

      yeah, i've preordered the Black edition. for games that i'm a fan of, i feel like i've missed out if i don't have the extra frills and things.

      for instance... AC1, i got my PS3 about 4 months after release, collectors editions all long gone.
      a few months ago i spotted a 360 collector's edition, 2nd hand. bought it, traded the game back against itself, and popped my PS3 copy inside. all is well.

      and then i caved and bought an altair figurine as well. should go nicely with the ezio one.

      Probably not. I'll probably end up getting Assassins Creed II, but not as a CE.

    any idea whats going on with the PSP's from the MH comp? it's been a while now lol

      yeah im also still waiting.... hopefully it comes this week.

      I worked at a place that handled promotions (We did the free ps3 with a TV one a while ago), If that company was anything to go by then you are in for a long wait.

      One of the guys I work with won a copy of Halo Wars from the Haiku contest Kotaku run, seem to remember that taking 2-3 weeks to rock up (As had to pass his details onto microsoft/distributor who was supplying the goods, who was then the ones sending it out).

      Think about it this way - You'll probably get them just in time to go buy Dissidia and not struggle for gaming choices for months & months to come :D

        hrmmm hopefully it comes next week, since this is week 3. anyways its going to be hard choosing which game to get. can decide whether to get Soulcalibur or Dissidia.

        dissidia all the way... but failing that - get both.. yummy! lol

        nah i probably get Soulcalibur first due to the fact that i loved all of soulcalibur games(except for 2 and i haven't tried 4) but damn dissidia looks fun as well.

        I chalked up just shy of 100hrs on the Japanese import version of Dissidia if that talks of what it has to offer :)

        What's the Soul Calibur game coming out though? I remember hearing something ages back, but that was also the last time I heard anything about it..

        wow 100 hours, that's how long it took me to beat Final Fantasy 10. :D

        The soul calibur game is coming out at 27th of August.

        Nah the thing about it being the last game was just rumors. i remember one of the developers saying that if it sell well their well be a sequel.

    I played guitar hero for the first time yesterday, as someone rhythmically challenged I found it difficult but saw that I could with practice become better, then I thought that I'd rather (If I were pursuing any option further) put that time into learning real guitar which I find equally as difficult.

      But you don't get high scores in RL

    Battlefield 1943... Due to the game's inherent lag, Gordon Van Dyke (DICE Producer) promised Aussies a local server(s) for the xbox 360 in Sydney, on the condition that people purchased the game. That was a month ago. Since then, he's told us how the servers were launched. When the lag remained, his excuse was that there was an issue of 'some people' connecting to the servers. Now he admits the servers aren't up yet, and they're trying to deal with Microsoft's "advanced security layer". They have not taken this long with any servers in any other country. A few days, he keeps promising. He hasn't been seen since late July now.

    Most believe there is not even any server hardware to be seen - and that if you are going to market an online-only game here, servers should have been in place in the first place. The lag varies from bad to terrible.

    Adding to his PR disaster, he's actually fighting with customers in the forums.

    It would be unfair to say he simply hasn't been on the internet, judging by his twitter.

    Check out the battlefield 1943 forum on the EA UK website.

      Ps3 version is running sweet, no lag, thanks for asking ;)

      I play on 360 and I can honestly say that I have no lag at all.

    I just finished Fallout 3 this weekend and I was slightly disappointed with the ending choices SPOILERS!,

    sure you can put in the FEV virus and accomplish president Edens mission, but you still have to activate project purity and although you can choose not to step into the chamber, I did just becuase I didn't want that stupid Sarah Lyons taking all the glory, with the broken steel add-on you survive anyway. But once again your stuck helping the brother hood of steel fight the enclave. My problem with all this is that really you have no choice (whether your evil of or good)of choosing a different faction, this is a problem in many games that have evil/good choices, such as fable and fable 2 that you still have to fight some big evil guy, can't you simply side with the evil faction and end up fighting the big good guy (eg. the brotherhood of steel) you otherwise would have joined? Really if theirs going to be a moral choice it should extend to the entire game, otherwise your just playing a character who will eventually redeem themselves and can never be really evil. (Although in Fable you do get to become the new evil guy which is good but it only happens at the end).

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