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    Mr Wildgoose

    Have you heard any news about a game called “eyedentify” ?

    Sony debuted a trailer at E3 2005 along with the ps3, but no word has been heard about it since, it was the game that used the person as a controller, through the playstation eye you talked to your team of whoevers to do stuff.

    With the current trend of motion and emotion going the way it is have you heard anything as of late?

      Look through a site called
      They have a trailer that was released near the start of the year for the game and they state that the game is still in development.

    I'm curious, how many of the Kotaku readership actually works in the games industry?

      if retail is counted, then yes i do lol

      Alas, no. I work for a major teleco - Does spending parts of my day looking at gaming-related stuff count?

      I pretend that I'm capable of writing reviews (see link), but it's hardly a job unfortunately :(

      Not I.

      I work for The Man, though.

        Day in, day out..

      I get to listen to 10-12 year old opinions on the game industry. Not by choice but that is just what my class always talk about.

        So by 10-12 year old opinions, you mean things like 'how Duke Nukem Forever will change how people look at shooting games' or 'that the MMO genre will never take off!' or even 'how Interactive Movies are still legitimate entertainment'?

    After killing a mutant that looked identical to the previous 56 in Dead Space yesterday, I started to wonder why games can't have more varied monsters in them.

    Take Spore for example, the most boring game I've played since Viva Pinata. What it did well was dynamic creature creation.

    Surely using a Spore-like dynamic mutant creator, a game like Dead Space would be flipping awesome if every time you turned it on you had no idea what you were going to be fighting.

    Take it a step further to a Fallout 3 style world and you wouldn't even know if the creatures were going to friendly/unfriendly/neutral.


      i like

    Anyone played Trials HD on XBLA. I was surprised enough to buy it....

      yeah i got it and it is driving me nuts. stringing everything together for one good run will be the death of me for sure. and i'm only half way thru.

      i like the mini-games as well. wish it had multiplayer though. imagine 2 identical tracks side-by-side (maybe one slightly off in the distance) and you can race your friends

      i do like how your friends' distance records show up in real time, so at least thats something.

      a lot of swearing goes on when i play this game

      Just finished the extreme courses. I was sure that I had hair before I started playing this game.

    Just thought I'd bust out that the recent activity from the Monkey Island franchise has been rocking my world. Telltale and Lucas for the win. Especially Telltale - new adventures FTMFW.

    Does anyone know much about or have experience with using a PS3 as a personal computer, i.e. Linux. A quick internet trawl tells me that most distros work on the PS3, but do they work well? Is the 256MB XDR DRAM a limiting factor?

    I ask because I need to run a Linux program of some sort, and I think it's quite CPU-intensive (I don't know heaps about it, I just run it), and my laptop probably ain't gonna cut it; it needs to run for a long time. I could get a new desktop, but if the PS3 is cheaper (and plays more of the games I want), I might invest in that instead.


    The English Premier League is back :) West Ham equal 2nd on the table.

    This weekend is going to be huge. We have 1. English Premier League, 2. F1's again (damn the long breaks) 3. 5th and final Ashes test, 4. Blizzon

    Hey I wonder if anyone knows what's happening with a game called Hydrophobia? It's a game that looks interesting but on wikipedia it was supposed to be out this year in March

    I manage the video game section at my work (eg. orders, merchandising, talking to reps ect). I hop onto kotaku a few times a days for news.

    I don't often get my dreams answered so please indulge me in some bragging powers. :o)

    In a earlier Kotaku item I let know my desires for a new Dungeon Keeper with EA posting new IPs.
    My guess was it could be a Dungeon Keeper and it sure looks like I was correct.
    We all know that EA have plans for a MMO for Dungeon Keeper but now i just found this at Blues News.
    "Super sleuths superannuation inform us that Electronic Arts has filed not one but two new trademark registrations for Dungeon Keeper, which, of course, is the "evil is good" franchise created by Peter Molyneux and Bullfrog Productions, as EA is now owner of the old Bullfrog IPs. Both trademarks cover games, though the second one seems to emphasize a product that will be downloadable. On a semi-related note, a recent interview with Harvey Elliot of EA Bright Light Studio expressed an affection for the older Bullfrog properties."
    And this is backed up with this...



    Someone loan me 4grand so i can buy te Alienware m17x laptop.... It's haunting my dreams and i must have one but my wallet is saying "DONT DO IT YOU'LL FUCKING KILL ME!!!!!!"

    Why must companies make things I want but not actualy give me much of chance to have. Arseholes.

    /2 WTS Soul 4k cash PST

    url404 i work for a distributor and publisher here in Australia. and i check most games sites daily.

    I am the only person who cant view the US comments anymore?

      Nope, I can't either, haven't been able to for quite a while actually.

    Hey, in relation to ABC on demand, being on PS3 firmware 3.0, does anyone know which ISP doesn't meter PSN downloads?

      None that I'm aware of.

    Does anyone currently have 2 PS3's? The reason I ask is I'm wondering, when you press the playstation button on the controller to turn the console on, which console will it turn on? Does it know which console it was last registered to and only turn that one on or do both come on? If so, does it register to the one that is fastest to boot up?

      It will turn on the last PS3 it was synched (?) to.

      I don't have 2, but a mate w/- internet brings his over now & then.

      To get it to turn on the "unsynched" console you need to plug it in w/ USB & push the PS button.

    Thanks for all the replies guys. From reading the comments I sometimes get the impression that there are quite a few readers that work in the industry. Certainly a lot of retail guys as well!

    I read in one of the impressions of PS3Slim that it's processor or memory or something has been reduced by a fair bit
    - Any word on whether this will affect games? Devs are already saying they have to shrink games to get them to work on the ps3 :S

      WHAT?!.... Just WHAT?!

      IBM Said the Cell processor in the PS3 slim is more powerful (if only slightly) The Ps3 slim is exactly that a slimmer playstation 3. Will play all PS3 games!

      Why do people believe everything that they are told.

        I heard that now the dye has been shrunk they will be selling games on those tiny 3 inch discs instead of the current Bluray ones, as the dye can now handle smaller physical discs.

      Are you sure you're not thinking of the reduced size of the processor and internal components? They wouldn't make the system slower as it would mean developers would have to either work on multiple sku's or just work to the ham strung version which could mean lower quality products.

      Now I know your just being silly.

        Okay, just realised that the *lower* the nanometer the *faster* it is lul woops

        But in the 5 senses thing the slim DID take longer to boot up....

    Does anyone think it would be a good idea for Sony to offer a bundled PS3 Slim & PSPGo?
    I'm sure if they offer a reasonable price it could sell quite well. Seems logical to me.
    Maybe chuck in a PSN card too.

      The problem you will have with that is the price. 950. Maybe 900 if your lucky for the bundle....

      That makes the PS3 look expensive. Something they are trying to avoid right now.

        Well that's it - it'll either be equal or worse than the price of the fat ps3.

        Looking at Sony they're really starting to push the PSN. Example - Removing UMD from psp, also, taking away backwards compatibility from the ps3 so they can sell old ps2 games via psn(Grr).

        Seeing as PSPgo will only take flash memory and that all games will be sold via PSN it just seems logical to put the two together.

        I guess the risk would be to sell it at a loss and hope they make the money back via psn.

        Then again I could be way off the ball here :P

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