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    Figured since I've got the week off for parental leave (yay for cute new babies! boo for no sleep, again), I'll have plenty of spare time to play some stuff that I'd been neglecting..

    So I finally broke down and grabbed the Arhkam Asylum (sp) demo last night. Damn impressive, if a bit short for the 1.5gb or so it was to download. Not sure it's on my "have to rush out and buy day one" list, but I'll definitely be giving it a look in at some point.

    The Shadow Complex demo is also there waiting for me to have a look at and given my love of Super Metroid (and CoTN), suspect I'll be dropping the points on it at a point very soon..

    Anyone else got some suggestions of demos or things worth checking out?

      No suggestions, just a congratulations on your new child.


      i'm really loving Trials HD (and hating it just as much)

      I want to see the new WET demo, but I'm waiting to when I have enough spare Mb to waste. lol
      Congrats on the new child!

      I thought Shadow Complex looked pretty sweet. I simply downloaded the whole game and am most satisfied with it. Like everyone is saying; 'classic' gameplay, with a very fresh coat of paint. It is quite odd adjusting to the fact that it's just a side-scroller though.

    So who's decided to come back to WoW after this new expansion trailer? I know I have, it's hooked me in. Just wanted to see a few numbers :P

      There's no "coming back" for me, largely because I haven't left. Making a new expansion that brings back everything that was cool about Vanilla WoW and tosses in a bunch of other things that are also cool = awesome.

        but the destruction! - take screenies when you can as some of our familar places will be no longer..


    Not a chance, I'm never going back to another MMO for as long as I live (I hope)

    Anyone seen Inglorious Basterds? Did you like it? I personally loved it and it's in my to 5 movies of the last two years - funny thing is, I saw people leave half way through - they must of got bored during the long conversations :S

    Can't wait for Batman, Ass creed 2, Dissidia (sp?), Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2 - who's with me??

      Yes! MMO's are pure evil and we must resist its temptation!

      I got sucked into WotLK, but eventually after a number of months I got bored of it and managed to escape the addiction. But with this new expansion, I can imagine a lot of people feeling the urge again.

      Omg yes need some Modern Warfare 2.

    Well that COTD special thing was a waste of time.. ended up coming out of it with only jewelry for my GF... only to have her later force me to order a set of snuggies from it too... The world is a cruel place..

    In other news, am i the only one that is totally uninterested in this new WoW expansion? it looks so... well lame... just kind of over the whole thing...

    Does anyone here actually play warhammer online? i havent'played in a while mainly due to the fact that the servers tend to lag like hell for me :( although i do love the dark settings..

    On a semi related note, i've put my name down to pick up the new version of space hulk next weekend, i really can't wait. The new mini's are looking amazing and i can't wait to ruin them with my horrid painting skills!
    Space crusade was a massive part of my childhood so it will be good to jump into somehting similar (although a remake of space hulk would kick ass too)
    Anyone else picking this up?

      That's COTD for you. Their servers suck horrible amounts of dog bollocks, so the moment something decent is on offer it dies hard.

      that its 12 months + off is the annoying part - I remember the Wrath Hype oh too well in its lead up, and I think that people may work themselves into a frenzy then fizzle out before the 12 months is up

    oh - also am i the only one that thinks the ps3 slim is ugly compared to the original?? wheres all the shiny!?

      No, you're not. Mind, I haven't seen one for real. Yet.

      I prefer matte surfaces because they don't tarnish so easily.

    West Ham vs Millwall

    3 Pitch invasions and a stabbing by all reports.

    Oh, and West Ham won 3-1 in Extra time

      Just another evening in the East End...

    Any one in the Heroes of Newearth beta?

    I was never a big dota fan, but this has completely roped me in.

      Yep, I'm in and it's awesome. Been playing for a few weeks now, DotA has nothing on this. Just incase people throw random crap at me, I've been a DotA player since the beginnings of outlands. So I'm not some random person who hates DotA :D

    hey friends
    long time reader, first time poster
    does anyone have any good suggestions as to this problem: my xbox basically wont recognise discs i put in it, it makes a funny sound, claims to be reading it, then says open tray, so no dice. sometimes if i turn it on and off 20 times or so it suddenly reads the game, but only certain ones like L4D and streetfighter 4, but particularly hates halo. its out of warranty except for red rings, so im on the downloadables at the moment, BTW shadow complex is the best game to come out this year hands down except maybe sf4. anyway, my point was, should i get some dodgy bros dude to replace the disc drive or get MS to do it or is there some sort of miracle cure i havent thought of? this is my 3rd xbox, first time rrod straight outa the box, 2nd time was this same problem but in warranty.... thanks!!!!!!!! nice to be a part of the community

      i have a suggestion, upgrade to a ps3 for $480

        so did mine, and it was out of warranty (i had a launch ps3) but sony fixed it for free and paid the postage

      Just take it to someone local who does 360 repairs - probably just a disc drive problem.
      Don't take it to MS - they''ll just charge you an arm and a leg...

      and truncheon - i think he was after a helpful opinion, not a fanboy one

    Anyone know when this game is coming out on iPhone? Some aussie games company made it and it looks friggen awesome! Has a kind of kelly slater vibe.

    Bowow...wall of text. ;-)

    Anyway, welcome. Yep, sounds like you've got a dog of a machine. What with the price drop in systems, I'd just buy a new one. However, these are lean times, so out of the other two options I'd take it to the guy down the street. MS will charge you a bomb to replace the disc drive and it'll more than likely take you 3-4 weeks to get it back.

    you know what, just got off the phone to ms, i argued that since they supposedly fixed this issue last time and instead they probably just sent me a refurbished one, they rolled over completely and they are going to fix it free of charge????? even though its way out of warranty. I sent it to them today. i wanted to be super pissed but i guess sometimes these things work out. hooray for microsluts

      good to hear, i guess it should be assumed that customer service is there to service their customers but you really need to make your position understood by these clowns, with optical drives tho its almost always just a dirty lens which costs them the price of a cotton bud

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