Taylor Swift Shakes Her Polys In Band Hero

Activision's pop-ridden Guitar Hero spin-off Band Hero scores Taylor Swift as a playable character, and while I might not know who she is, she sure looks fine in polygons.

Swift is actually one of pop's finest songwriters, if Wikipedia and the New York Times is to be believed, regularly topping the country charts with songs like "That One Taylor Swift Song" and "Oh Yeah, That One". I mainly checked the Wiki entry to make sure she was old enough for me to comment on her looks, and with her 19 to my 36, that's probably a no. Still, her intentions are good!

"Anything that encourages people to pick up an instrument and play, I'm fully behind. And, I'm really excited about Band Hero, because not only are fans getting to play my songs, but I'm actually in the game," said Swift. "There are so many awesome things that go into being in Band Hero, like getting to customise my band to look like my touring band, and it's so cool for people to feel like they are experiencing one of my concerts. This is one of the closest things out there to going to see me perform!"

Band Hero will be giving 20 fans a chance to see Taylor Swift in concert, with details showing up in the near future on BandHero.com. Those of you interested in seeing her in concert are probably so disgusted with my ignorance that you've stopped reading this already, but I am nothing if not thorough.


    Bit lame but spot on with the looks. Could tell it is her without reading the title.

    But she is just annoying and HOW is she classed as Country?!
    Shes is just a less annoying version of Miley if you need a description of her.

    Oh and so writing simple songs about Love which is all Pop Music is, and talking about holding hands & kissing my cheek makes you a TOP FINE SONG WRITER.

    If so, WOW i need to sing about nonsense love!

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