Team Fortress 2 Adds King Of The Hill, Still No Class

Yes, the Soldier was trying to tell us something in his recent rant, as confirmed by today's Team Fortress 2 update... update. The newest gameplay mode to hit Valve's team-based shooter will be King of the Hill.

In addition to eighteen new hats for the nine Team Fortress 2 classes, Valve will introduce the point capture gameplay variant to one new map, Viaduct, plus rework two older maps, Nucleus and Sawmill to fit the new mode.

King of the Hill will task teams with holding a capture point for three minutes. Seems easy enough.

Classless Update - Day 2 [Team Fortress]


    The blog post regarding the fact that it isn't the first map to feature snow is hilarious too:

    I wish more developers had the comedic writing skills and communication that Valve has, it really is endearing to see them not only acknowledge, but make light of their mistakes, regardless of how minor or major it is.

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