Team Fortress 2 Gets New Closed Beta For Better Testing

I'm a casual TF2 player. So the recent "random drop" system of awarding rare items was great for me! For high-end players, though, it wasn't so great, and they got upset. If only Valve had seen that coming!

In the future, hopefully they will, with the creation of a new "closed beta" for the game. Incorporating members of serious TF2 clans, it'll be used as a testbed for future changes made to the title, so that Valve can get an idea of how an alteration affects not just the mass playerbase, but the pointy, hardcore end of it as well.

Clans from both Europe and North America will be involved, with the testers rumoured to be taking a look at how tweaks can be made to the Sandman. There are even whispers of a flame-resistant suit for the Spy...

Team Fortress 2 Closed Beta to Test Pro Tweaks [Shacknews]


    Gain all achievements for a specific class = hat.
    Random drop problem, solved. Is it that fukn hard?

      The issue was the weapons, not the hats. Also making the hats attainable by achivements would kidna ruin their rarity, as anyone could join a private server and farm every achivement. It'd also bring back all the achviement servers again.

      A flame resistant suit for the spy would be awesome. As a spy I hate spending about 500 years sneaking through a enemy base just to easily get ignited by a trigger-happy pyro flailing his weapon about.

        No idea what they should do with the weapon dropping, I'm stumped.

        Now that they have made it random, achievements have become pointless. Even if people want to sit in an achievement server and farm it would be a tedious process getting all achievements for 1 class. In the end I think that is worth a hat at least & it puts value back in to the achievements.

    ..talking hats only, not weapons

    Hmm, a flame-retardant suit that works in the same way as the Pyro's would be good i.e ignitable but quickly goes out. That way spy checks are still viable, but the spy has the chance to flee the scene without being lit up like a christmas tree the whole way.

    If they're taking advice from clanners, we're fucked. They take games way too seriously, draw too hard a line between hardcore players and casual/newbs and throw tantrums over the smallest tweaks.

    My money says they give up on this 'closed beta' idea because their testers hate every change they suggest.

    Bring back the old achivement system IMO - just make it so they only unlockable when playing on Valve certified maps (maybe with >50% map population?). Problem Solved.

    Hmmm, can't help but think a flame resistant suit would tip it too much in favour of the spy. Has to have some serious debuff to be perfectly fair. But hey, that's what closed beta is for.

    Why not just have some officiating process for main internet servers. Ie, internode and gamenet servers are booted up, log into valve's proprietary confirmation servers.

    Only formalised servers such as those could be ones where achievements are granted, so achievements must be earned in a "realistic" setting (rather than farms). I know this would piss a lot of people of (whinging about their freedom to choose a server etc). But i reckon most whingers would be ones who are too crap/idiotic to actually earn achievements properly.

    The real problem would lie with getting enough officiated servers up (ie, getting hundreds, or thousands of ISPs around the world to register with valve.

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