Team Fortress 2 Update Features 18 Hats, Zero Class

There's a new Team Fortress 2 update coming down the pike, full of fancy hats and new maps. Not coming? A new class update. The game's latest changes feature absolutely no class.

Hats? Those they got in spades up there at Valve, with 18 new pieces of headwear coming to the class of your choice, including a Viking helmet for the Soldier, an ushanka for the Heavy and a fire... person's helmet for the Pyro. Valve also offers a brief history of the hat in today's update. So informative!

That update will also feature at least one new map, Offblast, an Arena-style community made map set in a missile silo which itself is set in a mountain. Crazy!

Classless Update - Day 1 [Team Fortress blog]


    Couldn't resist the play on the word "class" eh...

    Check out these links as well:

    Maybe they don't mean there'll be no class update, but that the update isn't classy... so which class isn't "classy"... soldier!

    I'm still not convinced we won't see some real update here.

    Neither the Soldier, Engineer or Demoman have much "class" to begin with, and they are left.

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