Tearing The PS3 Slim To Pieces, Just To See What Its Insides Look Like

Most questions surrounding the PS3 Slim have been answered. How much it costs, when it's out, etc etc. One, however, remains. What do its insides look like?

iFixit are on the case. They've got hold of a Slim and then, with a screwdriver in one hand a camera in the other, torn the thing apart, like a hyena cracking open a bone to suck on the marrow.

As you'll see browsing through their gallery, it looks like the Slim's insides are primarily made up of two things: a Blu-Ray drive and an enormous fan.

PlayStation 3 Slim Teardown [iFixit]


    It actually looks nice on the inside.

    Wish i could say the same for the 360.

    Those blower fans work pretty well, it would have to as it doesn't look like much heatsink there.

      Actually if you look carefully at the base of the blower piece it looks like it is metallic, probably acts as the heatsink. It lacks the pins / fins to increase surface area, but then the cell processors are a form factor smaller and cooler.

      I don't know much about designing motherboards, but comparing that to my PC motherboard, couldn't it have been MUCH smaller considering there's not much on the board?

      hmm actually they probably just wanted to keep the tracks the same length so they didn't have to tweak any timing issues to cater for electron speed.

        Well, it's larger than PC motherboards because it has more integrated parts in it. That motherboard on the PS3 also has the GPU, and Memory all embedded on the mobo, your PC would most likely have that stuff as attachment cards.

    Sony knows how to make a *tight* console. Love Playstation hardware.

    that hard drive doesn't look like it could be easily removed...

    Im always amazed that that stuff reads a disc and tells a tv to make many images per second.

    I opened up a Gamecube the other day, and that takes the cake for the best thought out design for a console.

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