Tecmo Adding Ninja Gaiden, Rygar To Virtual Console Arcade

New ESRB ratings indicate that Tecmo is planning to inject some life into the incredibly dull Wii Virtual Console Arcade lineup, with new ratings for Ninja Gaiden, Solomon's Key and Rygar.

Those three Tecmo arcade games all spawned NES ports, with Ninja Gaiden remarkably different from its arcade predecessor. While we haven't seen an announcement for those three newly rated titles, Tecmo recently brought the arcade version of Tecmo Bowl to the Virtual Console Arcade. It appears its plans don't stop there.

No word yet on when we can expect to see the arcade versions of Ninja Gaiden, Solomon's Key and Rygar available via the Wii Shopping Channel, but we're just glad to see something happening on the VC Arcade front.


    Rygar is one of the best side scrollers ever made. Hard to clock and filled with cool point scoring easter eggs (million point bonus anyone??)
    I just hope it's the arcade version. Not the inferior/crap version that was on C64 and NES.

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