Tekken 6's Console-Only Costumes In Detail

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Tekken 6 pack in the console-exclusive bonuses that will have us frantically unlocking each superfluous addition, like these overly ornate costumes for Lars Alexandersson and Zafina.

Like the CLAMP-designed get up for Tekken 6's Jin Kazama and the Penny Arcade home for Yoshimitsu, Lars and Zafina's console-only togs were designed by those outside the Tekken team. The former by Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto, the latter by Tales franchise designer Mutsumi Inomata.

Get an eyeful in the gallery.


    ... all this coverage.... just release the damn game.

    Lars is such a stupid fucking character, he's every azn/anime fanboy's wetdream come to life, as proof the only characters who play them are assholes who drive ricecookers.

    Zafina's looks like a contestant-made creation on Project Runway Australia; always doing stuff about ~butterflies~ and their ~metamorphosis~.


    I got Tekken Tag Tournament back for the Xbox when that came out; my first foray into the Tekken-verse & omg it felt like the characters were punching & kicking through molasses! Felt so god damn slow. Hated it. Maybe I just lucked out & it was the worst in the series or sth? idk. But it's made me never touch Tekken ever again.

    DOA > Tekken for me, which has nothing to do with the fact that Hayabusa is a dreamy badass *cough* & OMG I printed out a picture of Hayabusa & stuck it on one of those photo concertina things a few years back & this dude who came to fix the air con saw it & asked my Mum if that was her son. My Mum was all 'O_o no he's a video game character' and the guy was all '...oh'.

    Then Mum & I giggled about it after he left.

    True story!

    ...& I'll shut up now. *prays for no html fail*

      Tekken Tag wasn't released for the Xbox...

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