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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like who's winning the console price war.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know fucktons about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

Last week Sony gave us the PS3 Slim and a price drop to $499, while at the same time shocking us with a $449 price tag for the PSPgo. Today, Microsoft had ditched the Pro and dropped the Elite to $449, while retaining the Arcade at $299. Meanwhile, Nintendo is sitting pretty. Who do you think is winning the console war and have the recent developments tipped the balance in a new direction?

Me? I quite like my PC.


    Nintendo (Wii/DS are #1)

    Closely followed by the 360 (go live!)

    Followed by the PS3, which I think will get a good kick in the pants and could jump into #2 end of this year, start of next.

    If I wanted to take an even handed approach, I'd say that no what is sony, nintendo or microsoft do, in the end we're all going to be winners as they're gunna copy each other anyway.

    To take my patriotic PlayStation exclusive approach. I'd say that Sony is kicking ass and has finally set itself to be the champion in the next few years. Ahhh, PlayStation....

    Nintendo's market towards casual's and 'games' like Wii Fit certainly gave them a head start into the console war, and they still have the top selling games. I reckon that Nintendo will be the leaders for some time. Though when sony and Microsoft bring out their casual games(it's inevitable) I think they'll begin to slowly beat the Wii since their offering Casual Games as well as hard core games.

      ....and better bloody graphics.

      I disagree. Just because a console brings out casual games doesn't mean that they'll appear casual to the consumer, seen by the fact that all consoles have their fair share of casual games.

      It is the image of the console that consumers will perceive; and unless the Xbox 360 or PS3 manage to pull off some amazing marketing campaign to promote their up and coming motion controls, the image of the family friendly Wii will simply continue to dominate the minds of consumers as the 'casual console'.

      From purely a sales point of view, Nintendo wins hands down. However future success will depend on their current treatment of hardcore gamers. If they do not appease those that have been loyal to Nintendo over the years will eventually turn to Sony and Microsoft for their gaming needs. The casual market can't be relied on forever either, as being the disloyal group they are will not necessarily purchase a Nintendo product again when the next generation of consoles comes about. Unless they bring back the hardcore, their downfall will being then.

    I very much like my PC with it's years-old hardware that still gives me better performance than the current-gen consoles.

      Agreed. For what they are currently charging for a PS3 or Xbox elite (about $500) you can buy a decent graphics card, CPU and RAM (Quad Core CPU for about $200, 4gig ram for about $100, 512meg video card for about $200) which will play games MUCH better and with much more reliability than your console case, PSU, HDD, O/S, keyboard and mouse. Your costs are kinda blown out a bit there if you're starting from scratch, which to compare to a console you must.

        For price, convenience and sheer simplicity, consoles are the easiest way to get in to hi-def gaming. Unless you play on a Wii.

        As for the console 'war', the Wii is obviously winning, but I really think that with the PS3 dropping in price a lot more PlayStations are going to be sold.

        Unless you typed that reply out on your sandwich, you already have all the things that you listed. Most people already have a computer, and it's only really those three components (maybe 4 if your motherboard is out of date) that need to be upgraded to play new games.

        Unless he typed it on his laptop, or netbook, or phone, or console for that matter. With wireless routers as common as they are these days, many people do not own desktop PCs, and it's a major job to mod anything else.

    PS3 - If you want a bluray player/HTPC (especially since the PlayTV is coming to AUS soon) and a console in 1 then there is no other choice
    XBox - If you want a gaming console ONLY, its slightly better than the PS3 (not by much, but the online component is better)
    Wii - We (LOL) all know why this is successful. Its strength is succeeding where PC, PS3 and Xbox all fail (or choose not to focus on).
    PC - Better than both as a gaming system and a HTPC (if its setup that way) but constant hardware upgrades for "the latest games" and high inital buy in cost makes it one for the person with a large wallet.

    Overall, personally, the PS3 is the winner for me. As i have a HDTV and watch alot of blurays and play alot of games it was the obvious choice. But in the end the cost/benefit is upto the individual.

    But if i had to choose a winner it would be the PS3, it comes with HDD, Wireless, Free online play and other nice features that are not standard with the Xbox. When you add all these things in the buy-in price is as much, if not more, than the PS3 and you still dont get Bluray support.

    Isnt nice to be spoilt for choice :)

    Nintendo wins the hearts minds and wallets of the casual CONSUMER (not even gamer) worldwide but if we consider just gamers, I'd say 360.

    PS3 is probably winning in Aus because Sony has better brand recognition, but a massive install base and a tremendous game lineup (which they're doing well to add golden titles to every year) to me says 360 wins. However note that I'm a 360 owner.

    PC Gaming I feel is getting smaller and smaller. WoW and Sims helped it a bit but it doesn't have much space for growth I think.

    Ultimately though I'd say Jaime Perkins has the right idea when he says the real winner is all of us :)

    The 360 currently has the lead, as Microsoft has had the best balance between competitive console pricing and quality game selection. As far as exclusives are concerned, there's Alan Wake, Halo ODST, Forza 3 and the recently announced Fable 3 on the horizon.

    With the recent PS3 price cut we could see a significant change in the console war in Sony's favor, especially with the number of PS3 exclusive games coming out in this next year, God Of War 3, Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XIII Versus, Mod Nation Racers & Uncharted 2. Lets not forget that we've already received two exceptional exclusives this year in Killzone 2 and Infamous.

    Whilst Nintendo have been able to gleefully print money with their WiiFit and WiiPlay titles alone, they've started to realise that they need the dedicated core gamer base in order to sustain long term software sales and now are working to give core gamers more reason to turn on their Wii consoles. I'm hoping they succeed, because right now the only time I ever touch it these days is when friends come around.

    PC's still my favorite gaming platform though.

    Im about to upgrade to a new PC soon so ill be on that band wagon. But in terms of conosles, the wii is destroying everyone. Thats a simple fact.

    Yea, PC is still King, as seen in thos opening of the cases of the ps3 slim, they are just mini PC's jammed into a small area, but they suit the market they are aiming for, the "Plug and Play" gamer.

    Sony's been playing catch up for a while now. I own both 360 and PS3 and I've always leaned towards 360 for games and LIVE. With the SLIM and new price point however I think Sony's gonna catch up fast and won't be surprised if it over takes M$ by the end of next year... Unless M$ does something more to respond (recent price cuts ain't enough in my eyes). The only hurdle Sony has is getting developers back on their side eg Valve, Activision etc. Whats a certainty is the Sony's gonna have a stellar Xmas this year! Just hope M$ can keep it's nose ahead.

    I also vote for PC. All hail PC.

      Long live the king!

    As for hand helds though you really can't beat the DS.

    The PS3 price is more attractive, but it is still above the $400 mark that is my sweet point. And its not like they made it better like the PS2 Slim. Its built worse because its built with cheaper materials. I don't like the look either. Games wise im only after FF XIII VS so i got time to wait. Im sure it will see a spike but i don;t know if it will solve their worries.

    Despite the price cut I knew where coming, I bought a 360 pro last week because I got Gears 1, Gears 2, Halo 3 and Forza 2 for $450. Best value that I could see since the Elite is going to just come with ODST and i don't want to play it. I think the price will combat the PS3 cut quite effectively. Both will see a rise in sales.

    The Wii i think is due a price cut. Surely by now Nintendo have increased their profit margin per console. That said it is still quite cheap. I think taking it down to $350 would be good, $300 would be even better. I think we will see the small sale decline initally

    I am a major Sony Fanboy an there is no doubt in my mind the PS3 not only will win the console war but is winning it, It has been at a lower price almost always been lower price than the PS3 because of the features on that system you have to pay for that you get for fee on te PS3 also including wifi, internet, batteries that you dont have to pay for on the PS3 when the PS3 came out it had no real good games but now a plethora plus the PS3 slim thats coming out just in my mind makes it stick out as a better system.

    Just bought myself a new rig. Long live PC!

    Up yours, 360 owners.
    Not coz of the pc..just cos you're dumb & I hate you :)

    As much as I love the PC, I don't think it will win any price wars.

    For me it's the DS Lite (not DSi), then probably the PS3 over the 360
    But then since I'm not about to buy either a PS3 or Xbox, this is purely based on specs/features.

    Personally I'd rather own a xbox 360 for it's performance and game library. The gold membership subscription is definitely not helping any price comparison though.

    The Wii isnt part of the console war. Never was.

    Before the Wii was released it was never counted in the war between the 360 and PS3. It was like "That little piece of shit? Ha! As if thats going to be any competition".

    But, not long after its release it rocketed ahead of the 360 and PS3 and, because of its overwhelming dominance, its still not considered in the console wars.
    "The Wii? Er, thats so far ahead we dont even consider it in the war".

    MS and Sony know they got their arses handed to them from left field by Nintendo they dont dare try to denounce Wii.

    For the record. . .
    I dont have a Wii. I dont like the Wii.
    I borrowed one from a work friend for a few weeks with a bunch of games and was so bored with it. It just wasnt for me.
    A lot of people own Wii's, but not a lot of them are played.

    in the PRICE war i think a poker game analogy is in order,

    nintendo are playing every hand openly, everyone knows what they've got and how they'll play, they stacked up a lot of chips early with low pairs but dont know when to fold,

    sony has been playing pocket aces all wrong, their overconfidence has been bringing their downfall and now the chips are down they've realised they've got to play aggressively the next few hands to be a chance,

    microsoft is the loose cannon rich kid at the table, they dont care about the game, just winning, driven by greed they match every bet and reraise without hesitation, they dont lead the betting though and just react to the other two,

    its still gonna be down to luck to see who wins but IMO sonys finally starting to play their cards right

    I really like the poker analogy above... :)

    Also, I agree with the folks that say that the Wii's position is much shakier than it seems. The tech just doesn't have any hardcore gamer appeal, which is why the game attach rate and average hours played are so low for it (on the numbers I've seen). Games are where most consoles really make their money, and Ninty are left overcharging for peripherals to compensate.

    I don't think it's fair for it to be compared to the main two consoles, their purpose and market segmentation are just too different. It's a bit like saying that a cheap karaoke machine is conquering the home stereo market, despite the fact that no serious audiophile would ever consider using it for that - it's for great for fun with the mates, but use it for more than a few hours at a time, or on your own, and the fun wears thin quick as you notice what it can't do.

    For me, the price point difference between PS3 and 360 has never been as large as reported - I'm reasonably hardcore, so I would be paying extra on the years of Live subscription, batteries, HDMI, etc. So it comes down to hardware reliability, in my mind, and the 'station trumps the 360 easily here. I just hope that the slim isn't shoddily made, that's the only thing I see stopping it overtaking the 360 this financial year (PS3 has the better game range through this time).

    Disclosure: I own a PS3, and a Wii I haven't turned on in 15 months. Also a few PCs, but I can't be bothered upgrading for new games every year when the industry will be tailoring games to my rig for years to come.

    I also think it's quite telling that it's mostly PC gamers in this thread who are saying that the Wii is conquering all - Wii owners themselves are not defending it, because they (we) know about all the annoying bits...

      Now I recall I actually do own a Wii as well as PC, but I seem to have forgotten, it only really gets used when someone comes over with children.

      As for the price of PC, the initial outlay be be expensive, but being a poor uni student I still decided to invest in one, it does the most out of all the consoles but most importantly it gets cheaper when you start buying games as PC games are often much cheaper than their console counterparts. Especially with direct download services like steam, and best of all your not stuck with an ugly white plastic box, you can make it black and shiny with glowing blue bits.

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