Testing Games Gets You $9 An Hour

The Minneapolis Star Tribune finds one journalism student who is making some money testing an unnamed, unannounced Activision game.

Video game tester Kelly Watkins is 20 and hopes to break into the industry.

Watkins has already mastered the art of not naming the secret game he or she is working on — as well as the art of working long hours if need be:

When you are really busy, how much do you work a week? It could be up to seven days for 12 hours a day. Twelve hours a day is kind of pushing it, but once you get up to 14, that's tough. But people do it. It's just part of the industry. If (a game) has to go, you have to put in the time to get it out as quick as possible.

She says the pay is $US9 an hour, $US13.50 for overtime. More details in the brief Q&A. Click over and support a newspaper, why don't you?

How I got that job: Kelly Watkins, 20, Mpls. [Star Tribune]



    Seeing as it's american, I'm not really sure how bad that is. In Australia even 15 year olds at mc donalds don't get paid less than 9 an hour.

    the answer should be more like this

    "How did you get this job?"

    "I was interviewed by a man in the Video Games industry and I have boobs. The answer to that question is 'easily'"

    thankfully the industry is changing for the better these days with more women in the gaming/IT industry... it still has a looooong way to go, though

    Wow i earned way more money than that working at a local eagle boys, i got payed 15 dollars an hour and worked 8 hours a day 5 days a week... Australian tho, still more.

    the minnimum wage in america is much much longer. people in fast food stores can earn as little as $5 an hour. why do you think tips are so important over there?

    As a veteran developer, I can't decided who pisses me off more in this article; Activision or Kelly.

    "..game he or she is working on.."

    The picture clearly shows a female.. again Kotaku is reporting on stories without actually reading them first.. wd.

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