The 360 Gets A $30 Chastity Belt

If you're in a crap neighbourhood where smash-and-grab burglaries are a problem, maybe this thing saves your 360 even if the rest of your stuff's stolen. Chances are, you got ripped off just buying it.

This first-ever Security Kit is $US29.95 worth of common stuff you can buy at a hardware store for a lot cheaper, plus one custom-fit bracket. That attaches, naturally, in the back near the fan, which is just another thing to terrorize your RRoD-paranoid mind if you don't have a Jasper board.

It does not, of course, protect your hard drive, your $US150 Tournament Edition Street Fighter stick, your full set of Rock Band instruments - you get the idea. In fact, here's a better one: Spend the dough on renter's insurance. Protect Your Xbox 360 with Security Kit [360 Sync via Jjoystiq


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