The First Game Dedicated Entirely To Sushi

City Interactive makes a bold claim while introducing its upcoming Nintendo DS game, Sushi Academy, the "The first-ever video game dedicated entirely to sushi." Bold words!

I'm pretty sure I've played a sushi-themed puzzle game or two in my lifetime, but if they mean the first-ever video game dedicated to the preparation to sushi... well who knows, really? Sushi Academy sounds very much like Cooking Mama only without the Mama. You'll might be rocking out some sweet egg and maybe a little tempura while preparing the game's more than 35 unique sushi dishes, and you'll go through rice cookers as if they were video game consoles or especially active toasters. It's not just about mini-games, however.

"Sushi is one of the most popular foods in the U.S., and we are pleased to introduce the first game dedicated to this culinary art form," said Lisa Rivera, vice president of Sales for City Interactive. "Foodies and casual gamers will both enjoy mastering the diverse challenges of the game, while also learning about the history and etiquette behind the preparation."

And learn you will, with the inclusion of the Sushipedia, which might be the best word I've ever read.

Sushi Academy is due out in October for the Nintendo DS, with a suggested retail price of $US19.99, which is far less than you should spend for really good sushi.


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