The First Region To Get The PS3 Slim Is...

Hong Kong! That's right, the steaming metropolis will be getting the PS3 Slim first due to time differences. Hooray for clocks.

To mark the occasion, Sony HK is having a launch party in Causeway Bay, which is one of Hong Kong's major shopping areas. The event is on August 31 and starts at 6pm and will run past midnight on September 1, when the console finally goes on sale.

Maybe there will be a shirtless man like in this poster. Who knows!

Sony Throwing A Global Launch Party For Slim PS3 [Siliconera]


    How come we don't get it first, we're ahead of Hong Kong!

      Does it even matter? either way if the original launch is anything to go by here they should be easy to get a hold of.

      ahead in what exactly ?

    Australia doesn't get it until September 3rd.

    Why does the gaming industry hate Australia...

    They get it on the 1 September and Australia gets it 3rd September

    ...technically it will get delivered to stores on
    Monday 31st of Aug, or Tuesday 1st at the latest, so chat up your local games store employees I'd say, thats how I got my Wii the day before the midnight launch...

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