The Last Major PS3 Firmware Update This Year Is....

PS3 firmware 3.0, apparently. That's what PlayStation Network operations director Eric Lempel said, and he should know. He is the PlayStation Network operations director.

"You know, I wouldn't say that for sure just yet because we are working on some things," Lempel told G4. "But this is a big and significant update, so you would be correct to assume that [it's the last major update for 2009] ."

Don't surprised if there are smaller firmware updates, and heck, don't even be surprised if there's another big firmware update. Just don't be surprised. Be happy.

PS3 Firmware 3.0 Last Major 2009 Update, But More Tiny Updates Likely [G4 via VG247][Pic]


    PS3 firmware updates are a waste of time. They should just add cross game functionality, twitter and facebook integration and a usable online shop, and be done with it.

    Like xbox.


      PS3 has had facebook & twitter, among other things since day 1 via the web browser.

      Oh. Yeah. I totally agree.

      Turning on my PS3 and letting an update download takes at least 3 minutes out of my day.

      Such a waste of time. I hate it when companies try to improve my consumer experience. How dare they?


        Yeah and @Lexington
        I'm pretty sure, the application that will be running through the 360 for Twitter & Facebook will work better than the web-browser on the PS3.

        It's probably going to be a different look aswell. Much like going on FB or Twitter on your mobile phone. It's made to look different, except when using it on the FB App on your iPhone.

        I may be wrong, i may be right. But, the PS3 Web Browser isn't anything marvelous compared to using a proper computer of corse.

      well it is a Ps3 not an Xbox

    I think it's good that Sony have stuck with their dashboard if thats what they call it.

    It is simple to use and those who do own a few Sony products are familiar with it. It's on their LCD range TV's and the PSP.

    But i cant help but think Sony are gonna change it soon. With their attitude of a new PS3 with the Slim and a new font, cause its friendlier and easier to read. I reckon they're gonna just pop a MS and release some random different theme/dashboard.

    Would bother me either way though. The current one is easy to use and understand, but can sometimes just appear a tad boring. I mean if they wanted to make even more money off their PSN like MS are with XBL, they would re-do the theme to make it more, HEY CHECKOUT THE PSN!

      3.0 seems to be doing exactly as u say with the "checkout the psn" thing. the whats new space or whatever they are calling it was the most flaunted new feature in the update

    Well of course its the last major update for 2009, after all we are only at 2.8 with 2.9 still possible.

      seeing as 3.0 is coming out at the start of september, its pretty unlikely theres ever going to be a 2.9 update...

    Was there anyone out there actually expecting another big update within a 3 month time frame?

    Hope they fixed the whole update breaking the PS3, like it did to me...

      Here, Here to that Waffle. Think it was 2.4 update that killed my PS3. Updated restarted & no network connections. Randomly crashing & controllers won't sync = unusable. What did Sony do about it, nothing its out of warranty. I brought an xbox after that at least MS admit their problems & will fix them for free, instead of the $315 sony charge.

    people need to understand that the ps3 and xbox are not computers. they are gaming systems. end of story.

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