The List Of Midway IP That Warner Bros. Picked Up

When Warner Bros. snapped up ailing publisher/developer Midway, it bought most, but not all of the company's assets, including intellectual properties like Mortal Kombat and This Is Vegas. What else did Warner Bros. grab in the Midway closeout? Lots.

While we were well aware that the WB would secure properties like Joust and Spy Hunter, new trademark ownership of some classic Midway IP give us insight into what the new home of Mortal Kombat also secured. Some of it is positively ancient, like the Super Sprint spin off Badlands, and the classic Sinistar and Defender.

Trademark snooper superannuation dug up at some of the trademarks transferred to Warner Bros. so far, a list expected to update as time goes on. Missing from the list is Mortal Kombat, actually, which should show up as a WB property any day now.

Warner Bros. has contacted the United States Patent and Trademark Office to transfer proprietorship of the following Midway trademarks, Part One [superannuation]


    Awh I loved Rush 2049, I remember playing that on my 64 religiously... the cars... THEY HAD WINGS! :P

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