The Only Wii Charger You'll Ever Need

The Ultimate Power Station by CTA looks pretty impressive, with charging, a dock, fan, alarm clock and lights all built into a single device.

The main cradle connects to the AC, AV inputs and Sensor Bar connection on the back of the Wii console. The centre slot houses a built-in fan that is aligned with the vent on the bottom of the Wii console, keeping the system cool.

The station also contains two slots to charge your Wii remotes in an upright position or two sets of rechargeable Wii Remote molded 1800 mAh batteries which come with the system. It also has charging docks for four rechargeable AA batteries in another bay.

The station includes rests for two nunchuks and their cords, an LED display for a digital alarm clock and when plugged in to the AC adaptor that came with your Wii two stripes on the stand light up blue. The back of the device has AV, Component and S-Video ports for the appropriate connection on your television.

The only thing we don't know is the price, which could very easily become a deal break for what appears to be an otherwise solid concept.


    Deal break is right.
    If it's cheap enough I'm getting it.
    If they try to push their luck...well...they're pushing their luck

    There's only one problem with these docks, "What if I want my wii to lay flat?"

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