The People That Play One Game For 200-300 Hours A Year

You think playing a game for 20-40 hours represents good value? You're playing the wrong kind of game, pal. You need to be playing sports games, where people bleed their annually-released games dry.

EA Sports' Dave Littman - producer on NHL at EA Canada - has told us that "The average EA SPORTS gamer spends 200 to 300 hours playing their favourite sports game each year". That figure is a combination of both online and offline play. And is for just one game.

Sounds absolutely bonkers, I know, but as someone who probably sinks 50-100 hours or so into FIFA each year (amidst having to play pretty much everything else as well), it also sounds entirely plausible. It might be a stretch saying the "average" gamer spends that long, but with many sports games fans picking up one game and one game only (they're a Madden guy, or an NBA guy, etc), then playing that game for nearly 12 months, there'd still be a sizeable number of people out there racking up hundreds of hours on a single game.


    I played nearly 400 hours of Fifa 06 during its release year (and the year after since I skipped 07). I roughly worked it out since my 'recorded stats' (which often missed games in which i didnt save afterwards) listed me as having completed 12-1300 matches on 7 minutes halves, which works out to be at least 300 and something hours of Fifa. Though at the time I had pleeeenty of spare time...

    I commit 200+ hrs on a single game, but not on freaking sport games..

    Definitely the case.

    I don't have online, and have spent probably 200 hours playing FIFA 09.

    If you found out how much WoW player play each year, it would no doubt demoralize the general public.

    Yoshi's Island DS; while not a sports game, I would have racked up 200hours playing that game working towards 100% completion. Getting all the Stars and Red Coins, was fricken hard, I got all 100% in the main levels then 90% or higher in each of the bonus rounds. I'm a platformer nut though.

    I put a good few thousand hours into Morrowind. Probably in the tens of thousdands.

    Easily 500 hours + /year playing Gran Turismo for ~10 years?

    Thats just how it is...

      Yeah, you can sink hours into time trial laps.
      I'll just jump in for a couple of laps.. next thing you know, you looks up.. it's lap 50 (and you still haven't smashed your mates time).

    who the hell would play a sports game let alone pay that much each year to buy a new one. people are dumb.

      annonie is dumb.

    I played nearly 400 hourd of fallout :D and that dosent include all the time modding it and making vids of it or just mucking around and not saving (records play time when you save) I still play it to this day all though not as much, my main fallout focus at the moment is modding!

    Ask Monster Hunter players. Easily 500hours++

    And the most obvious comparison that dwarves any sports games or even RPG games... I'm talking about World of Warcraft. My account said 52days but I can easily identify others I know who play the game with between the 100-365 day playtime mark.

    I burned through 3 copies of campaign discs on GT2 (on top of 2 Arcade discs). Do you know how hard it is to wreak a PS disc just by playing them? Yeah, I played it that much.
    My first PS also died mainly because of GT.

    I'm also a jRPG fan, with a passion for grinding. I would expect to spend at least 100 hours on each game, without going through the side quest. Then start over and try to get 100% completion--that generally takes double the time. So 2-300 hours is the norm for me.

    The only problem is I only get to play for 2 to 3 hours a week, max. Which means that as of right now, I am still trying to finish up some PS1 games, let alone games from last generation.


    I've sunk about 850 hours into COD4 MP. However, I did play competitively.

    Remember everyone.
    SPorts games are ment to be played wth other people and because sports are more widely viewd in the world. It would be foolish to say that a group of grown men(and maybe woman, i dont know) dontsit aroudn for 12 hours at a time playing game after game of Fifa 09 and what not.

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