The PS3 Slim Has An Adorable Little Kickstand

In 2006 the PS3 was large, mighty, and able to stand on its own two feet. In 2009, though, it has aged, and it has shrunk, to the point where it needs some help just to stay upright.

These pics weren't sent around to Western press yesterday, but they were made available to Japanese media. No idea why, but maybe it had something to do with that cute little stand that's now needed to position the PS3 in the vertical position?

Don't know why they'd want to keep it hidden, especially since it was mentioned in Sony's announcement press release (and Sony are normally keen to over-do it with their peripheral and accessory shots). But whatever, there it is, and those upgrading from a dusty original PS3 to the Slim should note, you're going to need to use one if you want to avoid those special kind of tears that only come from finding a vertically-aligned console seriously damaged after a fall from your entertainment unit.

We'd love to tell you there's one included for free inside the box, but we can't. Unlike the PS2 redesign's stand, which if I remember correctly was free, the PS3 Slim's will be sold separately, and cost you $US24.


    Good job then that another Kotaku reporter has disproved the statement "you’re going to need to use one".

    By the power of gravity and perpendicular angles, it stands!

      That's fine if you've got it on a totally solid surface (ie, granite benchtop), but my gaming area is on my computer desk, which has a bit of lateral give in it - I wouldn't want to risk it toppling over and hitting my monitor.

      So *depending on circumstance* you're going to need to use one.

    Thats an incredible price (almost 10% of the US price) for a small piece of plastic that should have been included with it...
    At that price, Aus is looking at $40 or something... just: wow.
    No Linux support, no ps2 compat re-added, no stand, and standard aus price gauging makes me not all that interested.

      But do you really, truly, want to use Linux on your PS3, when you easily run it on just about anything else?

    Sony can go fuck off.

    The only reason I was considering a PS3 slim is because I've got a limited amount of space in my gaming area, so the thin-vertical profile of the slim was attractive to me.

    If I need to pay another $40-45 just for the ability to fit it on my desk, they can ram it up their arse.

      Wow that's the ONLY reason you want a ps3 slim? For space? Not for games or blu-ray? Whatever man.

    Im selling my 60gb for a slim. I dont need backwards compatibility since I have a ps2 and I dont need the card readers. So im basically getting a biger HDD and less power and space consuming system. I already have HDMI cable and I dont need to stand it on its side.

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