The PS3 Slim Uses Less Power Than We (Or Sony) Thought

Sure, it's not as sexy a bullet-point as "new design" or "lower price", but the fact the PS3 Slim was reported as running on 34 per cent less power than the previous model was still appreciated. Thing is, that figure is wrong.

Crave decided not to take Sony's press releases at their word, and instead plugged a Slim into machines to test its actual power output. And their findings are a little surprising!

The Slim uses a lot less power than Sony have given it credit for. In standby mode, it's around 70 per cent more efficient, while playing games and Blu-Rays its just over 50 per cent more efficient.

That's not to say its an efficient machine per se (it still uses four times as much juice playing a Blu-Ray as a standalone Blu-Ray player), but hey, in relative terms, the Slim is now a lot more efficient than it's fatter, older, more wasteful brother.

PS3 Slim uses half the power of PS3 'Fat' [Crave, via Gizmodo]


    Go the fat! Eat up you glutenous hog!

    I know the Xbox has that stupid annoying BLOCK that has a amber light lit when the Xbox is turned off but still plugged into the wall with the switch on.

    But thats one reason i get annoyed with the PS. That when you turn the system off, it's still on?! In standby mode or whatever it is and to turn it off 100% so no power is running you need to flick the switch on the back of the PS3 or PS2.

    Its the same really for Xbox cause if you don't unplug the cord, then the block is kinda running to some degree. BUT the original Xbox never did this and i'm sure MS will learn from the criticism of the 360 Block and the next console will be a normal power cord like the PS3.

      The stand-by mode is necessary to be able to remotely turn on the console. It's the same for all three current-gen consoles.

      It's also the same with tvs. If it's not on stand-by, the remote won't turn it on.

      I imagine Microsoft's decision to use the power brick was partly to keep the size of the 360 down, and partly to keep some heat away from the main unit.

        i've seen power tests that the 360 uses less then 2 watts on standby, a little more for ps3 fat not sure bout slim obviously, and the wii is about 0.5 watts. i do like the idea of the internal block by sony, couldnt nintendo and m$ have made their consoles slighty taller wider to accomdate this?

    I think having the ability to turn the PS3 on remotely is quite handy. If you don't use it then by all means go put your finger round the back of that sexy machine :)

    Looking forward to getting my own PS3 Slim in the next few days...

    Cool that it's "greener" than the older PS3 models!

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