The PS3 "Ultimate Blu-Ray Movie Kit"

This is the "Ultimate Blu-Ray Movie Kit", a special PS3 bundle that's being offered at a major Australian retailer. It's got absolutely nothing to do with games, but still, it's an interesting retail proposition.

There are two of them available, both of which bundle two Blu-ray movies along with a PS3 remote control. One offers you 300 & Batman Begins, the other offers 300 & 10,000 BC.

The interesting part comes in the retail price; both are sold for AUD$60 (USD$50), even though the remote retails for AUD$50 on its own and both Blu-rays would set you back at least AUD$30 each.

So if you like any of the three movies on offer, and are without one of the excellent PS3 remotes (and Australia), it's a pretty good deal.



    Id get the 300 & Batman Begins and remote but I already have Batman Begins on Blu Ray and I refuse to get that 10 000 BS garbage. That movie was horrible even in .avi format. So unless....

    1. Buy pack.
    2. Sell Batman.
    3. .....
    3. Profit!

    That's a really good/cheap deal. I've been planning on getting batman begins on BD, but I already own 300 and the remote.

    This is a clever way for Sony to offload that now-obsolete version of 300 (they recently released the "Complete Experience") and give buyers a good deal in the process.

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