The Tower Of Shadow Screens Are All Shadow And Light

One of most innovative looking titles shown at Konami's Gamescom press conference was Hudson's The Tower Of Shadow, a Wii puzzle-platformer that puts the player in control of a shadow, not the person casting that shadow.

We actually never saw that person, just the silhouette of a young boy leaping across platforms, pulling switches and climbing the titular tower. What's interesting about this mechanic is that the angle of the light, which can change wildly on certain levels, affects aspects of the platforming.

Joining the shadow is Spangle, a winged sylph that can manipulate real world objects, objects that also cast shadows. We're looking forward to playing it when it hits the Wii in spring 2010. For now, screen shots!


    Wow what a cool and different idea. I like it!

    Hmm, someone might be stealing someones idea, not sure who though.
    Video of an indie game called 'Shadow Physics'

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