The Ultimate Rock Band/Guitar Hero Instrument Compatibility Guide

A few years out from the release of Rock Band we're still a bit confused as to what instruments work with which music game. Same goes for Guitar Hero. Fortunately, there's now this official chart to help us out.

We say "official" because it comes straight from the top: Harmonix themselves have put it together after rigorous research, and it covers every instrument of every version of not just Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but Konami's Rock Revolution as well. Thorough!

If anyone is curious as to which peripheral was the "friendliest" - as in, the one that plays nicest with the widest array of competitor's titles - that honour goes to the PS3 drum kits of both Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

The full chart is too big to reproduce here, so pop over to Harmonix's website to see the thing in full.

Instrument Compatibility [Rock Band]


    Can't really call this an ultimate guide, Smash hits seems to have problems registering my ion cymbal hits and its not listed period

    Also the PS3 Guitar Hero drumkit is not compatible with Rock Band one - so the friendliest one is just the PS3 Rock Band drumkit

    Doesn't have GH Metallica, but none the less good list.

    where is guitar hero metallica, or gh 5????

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