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Here's a question for you: is Australia's hopeless showing in the Ashes series making you more or less interested in the video game?

Do you feel like you need to get out there and make amends? Or do you now just not want anything to do with cricket at all?

Oh, and there's a car game and a ninja game also out this week.

New releases for the w/c August 3:

Ashes Cricket 2009 (360, PS3) What Is It? Cricket sim that does, fortunately, feature more than just Australia v England. Should You Care? It's probably more enjoyable than watching the current series, to be honest.

Ferrari Challenge (Wii, DS) What Is It? Something of a rarity this, as serious racing sims tend to avoid Nintendo platforms. Should You Care? And these seriously average games demonstrate precisely why.

Ninja Blade (360) What Is It? Hyperbolic action game full of absurd boss battles punctuated by quick-time events. Should You Care? Hardly great, but good fun if you like plenty of cheese.


    To be honest I haven't been paying any attention to the Ashes what-so-ever.

    It's fantastic taking a few days off work, sitting in front of the TV on a summers day with a beer or two.

    Unfortunately it's on from about 8pm till 3am, which means it doesn't even get a look in from me. I'm busy with other entertainment, and then sleep.

    My lack of interest in the game is another matter entirely, though. I haven't played a good Cricket game since Super International Cricket on the SNES, and don't have any faith in this Brian Lara clone either.

    Need to read some reviews or play a demo on this cricket game before buying. I've seen stung before with that woeful EA Cricket game on the PS2.. I'm not going to waste money again on rubbish (although I did buy Prototype and Ghostbusters... lol)

    David, when is Shadow Complex out?

      August 19.

    Hey David, I think it was last week you had Cricket and Dirt 2 to choose from (and some other garbage) to do a review. So, how did you enjoy Cricket? I'd like another decent cricket game, but, yeah, sick of the usual crap ones.

    (How did you enjoy Dirt 2, what platform did you review on?)


    I've played the Ashes demo off XBL. Gotta say, it's a pretty clever way of adapting the controls to the game.

    Might have to spend a while thinking about it, though.

    From a guy that just stayed up until 2am watching the Ashes last night, I can tell you two things. If we were winning, I would buy the game, get a few mates and drink to celebrate. We are losing, so I'll still buy the game, get some beers, mates and correct the result.

    DTF (Death to Flintoff)

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