The Week In Games

Your choice of new retail releases this week comes down to: sport or... sport?

There's the sport of American Football. And there's the sport of Cricket.

Think very carefully now...

New releases for the w/c August 10:

Ashes Cricket 2009 (360, PC) What Is It? The video game equivalent of Simon Katich - nothing flash but gets the jobs done. Should You Care? Every cricket fan should pick this up. Except for the PS3 owning cricket fans who picked it up last week.

Madden NFL 10 (360, PS3, Wii) What Is It? A terrible sport that proves far more entertaining in video game form. Should You Care? If you're American, I believe it's compulsory; otherwise, no.


    I have been waiting for Madden 10 for months now. Give me a solid month of fun before Batman comes out.

    I'm a little confused... Are you suggesting that cricket, a game that can take 5 days to come to a draw, is more exciting to watch than American football?

    Sport games ewwww :P

    This week Trials HD is released on XBLA. I highly recommend downloading the demo and checking it out.

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