The Witcher Uncensored For North America

Forget the Enhanced Edition of the acclaimed PC roleplaying game The Witcher, because The Enhanced Edition Director's Cut is out now, adding in all the mature content the North American version lacked.

The Witcher novels feature quite a few sexual situations, so it made sense that the game would as well, though perhaps reducing said sexual situations to a sort of perverse collectible card game was the wrong way to go. Either way, the North American version of said cards got a makeover in order to be slightly more acceptable to our country's high moral standards, and.... excuse me a moment. I need to recover after typing "our country's high moral standards."

Ahem. North America got a slightly tamer version of the game than the rest of the world, and now Atari is fixing that. The Director's Cut is available today as a patch from Atari's website, and all digital distribution points (Steam, Not Steam, That Other One) will now offer the Director's Cut in place of the normal Enhanced Edition.

Of course if you really cared that much you would have already downloaded the unofficial mod, but official nude pictures are always more tasteful than the unofficial ones.


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