They Broke The Mold When They Made The Boomer

Valve forum user Phantasmapants says this is the beginnings of a 1/6th scale model of everyone's fat friend in Left 4 Dead, the Boomer.

Working on the assumption Boomer's 6-foot-2, this casting is about a foot tall, and still has a ways to go before completion. Not that this stage of construction isn't awesome, and portend great things.

Phantasmapants is wondering if it's legal for him to sell it. Good question, that is Valve's IP, but there are so many video game crafts out there being sold by independent makers, one would have to think unless he's taken a six-figure commission or something, they can let this one slide. A forum poster pointed out the forum topic on Team Fortess 2 lifelike models that's gone 500 posts with no action from Valve. Sounds reasonable.

Forum posters were agog with props and started throwing out ideas for more in the series. Such as:

Zoey pounced by a hunter, but shes's got her Colt 1911 leveled to the hunters temple, and she is blowing his brains out. That'd be pretty epic.

Well, that certainly sounds... simple. I think the Crazy Horse Memorial would get finished first. On with more Boomer!

Selling Models Based on L4D. [Steam Users' Forums, thanks tipster Torgos.]


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